Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Celebrating a Birthday

Eight candles on the cake
But who is turning eight?

Just add fifty more
and add up the score.

That's right, it's me!
Hee Hee, Hee Hee

Kimmy cooked us a great dinner and baked a birthday cake. Oh ya... I got a tri-pod for my camera. Mark was the camera man and tested my new tri-pod.

Lulu was very interested in "her" new toy.


Need candles holders for that birthday cake? Use life saver!


  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday, and all the happiness your heart can hold in the year ahead!
    What a beautiful family!
    Birthday Blessings!

  2. Happy Birthday! May all of your wishes come true. Loving the tripod!!

  3. We had a great time celebrating your birhtday. Love you!

  4. Happy Happy birthday! I wish this years will be full of blessings! Are you enjoying having your daughter down the street again? You will have to let us know how you like the tri-pod, I hear they are excellent tools to have!... Dee Dee

  5. I am also turning 50 + 8 in 6 days. It is a good age to be! Enjoy.

  6. Happy Birthday Christine!
    I hope it was EXTRA special!

  7. I always love your little poems! It sounds like you had a great birthday. I wish you many more.

  8. Happy, happy day to you! Sounds like you celebrated well! 58? NO WAY! You look awesome...and in your 30's! :)



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