Friday, February 26, 2010

"Want to go to the park someday?"

Lulu has been asking us, "Want to go to the park someday?".
Well, that day came!
Levi's first time in a swing and he loved it.
Kimmy capturing the moment.
One happy Grandma!
Kimmy posted more pictures and a video on her blog.
Just click here.
It has been fun giving you all kinds of different hearts, this month.
When Lulu and & I say good-by, I "give" her a hand heart and tell her to put it in her pocket.
Then she gives me her hand heart and tells me to put it in my pocket.
This is for you Lulu!


  1. Lulu is giving you a heart back.....♥

  2. I saw Kimmy's pictures yesterday! It looked like fun was had by all! I love that you make your grandkids such a blessing! Oh I also love Lulu's hat!
    Dee Dee

  3. What a beautiful day...OH.the love in a grandmothers heart....sooo wonderful.
    Hugs, andrea

  4. I am a bit jealous of the green grass and sunshine as I sit here SO sore from shoveling 3 times today. What cute grandbabies.

  5. Adorable! But you need some snow....want me to send you a foot or two!? LOL!

  6. Oh, Christine! What a beautiful time for you and your loved ones! Your grandbabies are so precious and I love Lulu's hat!!

  7. Adorable!! Those grands are just the cutest! They look to be the same age as my my grands.

  8. Oh, I'm looking so forward to warm weather again and taking my grand daughter to the park. Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your beautiful grandchildren. It looks like you had the perfect day!

  9. Looked like it was a beautiful day and a lot of fun!!! Beautiful grandchildren.

  10. I LOVE your Hand Heart and putting it in your pockets when you say Good-Bye! I can't wait for Grandchildren. :)



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