Monday, March 1, 2010

Bathroom Reveal - The Louvre





Well, we have completed most of the work - whew!
I need to live with "it" before I add a few things, like a valance or no valance.
Baseboards need to go back on. Then some more touch up paint.
The reason I call this room the The Louvre is because of all the art work. My inspiration came from the Mona Lisa. I really liked the colors.
Noni guessed the name!

"Mona Lisa" - Leonardo de Vinci

"Gaining Momentum" - Jennifer Rasmusson

This little easel will be changed out with different art work.

You probably are wondering about the tiara.
Our daughter wore this when she participated in a
Seattle summer celebration, as a Princess.
I wear it when I clean the bathroom! There is something about a tiara, and cleaning a toilet.

"Paris Late Summer" - Sylvia Vassileva



For those hard to reach places around the bathroom faucet, use a toothbrush, It gives a nice shine, too!


  1. Hi Christine,
    The bathroom looks great. I really like the colors (and where you found the inspiration for the colors!).
    I can just picture you cleaning the toilet in the tiara!!

  2. Every queen needs a tiara even when she cleans the bathroom! The Louvre looks great. Love the colors.

  3. WOW! It looks just great. I can certainly appreciate all of the hard work. My hubby and I recently finished our bathroom redo...reminds me I need to do a post on that. I love the tiara. Maybe I need to get one to make cleaning the toilet a little more enjoyable. Good Job!

  4. The tiara is hilarious, but the bathroom is totally beautiful. It turned out wonderful. The colors work wonderfully together. I agree totally with "living" with something for a while". Sometimes it just starts to speak to you!

  5. Christine,
    Cheering from this peanut gallery! I just love it to pieces! Every detail is done to perfection! I'm not nearly as smart as Noni, I would have never thought of the name, however I think it is brilliant! How did you paint the cabinet? My friend Elyce, will often mow her lawn in a party dress and combat boots, so I totally get the tiara! Fantastic job! Dee Dee

  6. To answer some questions:

    Yes, we painted the cabinet- hard but rewarding

    Took out the huge mirror and Hollywood lights.
    Replaced the light fixture but didn't get a picture.

    Didn't replace the counter top or floor. Just everything else!

  7. Oh, Christine! I LOVE the tiara part!!! Love it! I want one, too! LOL!

    The Louvre looks great! And, I am excited to have guessed the name... seems so appropriate. Ya'll did a great job!

  8. I did this same project last year, so I know how much work it is! It looks just wonderful, Christine! :)

  9. Looks great! Fantastic results.

    Come see me.

  10. ooOOHhhuhmmMMmm!!!!!!

    Is what I said when I saw the before/after pictures. How nice!!

    You're too funny with the Tiara...

  11. Your new room looks warm and inviting. Wait . . . can a bathroom be inviting? I LOVE the look of a table lamp on the counter.

  12. Such a metamorfose! This new look is so so awesome. Cozy and warm!
    Have a lovely day!

  13. Absolutely love, love, love those black cabinets! They are to die for! I am planning to work on our upstairs bathroom this summer, and now I know for sure what to do with the cabinets!



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