Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Restoring the Joy"

Restoring the Joy of the Season
Anticipating the
Advent December 2010

"Sometimes it's the circumstances of life... sometimes it's our expectations and 'demand' for the perfection of one particular day that overwhelms our hearts and makes us feel dis-couraged or even 'bah humbug' about the whole season of Christmas.If life is feeling as heavy as a fruitcake and your joy seems as far away as the star of Bethlehem, I'm hoping you'll find something here to help add a ray of hope, a twinkle of joy, and a fizzle of fun."
~Brenda Leyland~
My blogging buddy, Brenda at, It's A Beautiful Life, has created a wonderful way to
see the joy of this Season, everyday.
Please stop by and read her powerful words.
Her writing will return that smile to your face.
Each day she has come up with words of wisdom and encouragement.

I also want to add, that Mary at Corners of My Life, is giving away a Birthday Gift (it's her birthday!). Mary is creating something with her sewing machine but it's a surprise! This lady can sew!

Have a great week. I'm busy helping Kimmy out, working and getting ready for Christmas, myself.



Caring for a Poinsettia

Always check that the pot your poinsettia comes in has a drainage hole, and make sure that any decorative paper is removed when you get it home to allow water to drain away from a plant. Never let your poinsettia to sit in water. Position the plant so that it is protected from heat sources like vents and Christmas tree lights as well as cold drafts coming from exterior doors. Check your plant every two to three days, and water it when the surface of the soil is dry. Place your poinsettia in an eastern facing window, or one that gets adequate morning light, but is protected from harsh afternoon light.


  1. Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas season!

  2. Christine... what a neat way to start my day to find you've been chatting about me 'behind my back' and in such a gracious and generous way!

    Talk about having a joy bubble surface!

    Have to go check out Corners of My Life and see what your friend Mary is designing at her sewing machine.

    Joy day to you...........

  3. "a wonderful way to see the joy of this Season" . . .
    would be to spend an hour in the woods photographed for your new blog header. It looks so peaceful and insiprational.

  4. Christine,
    You are so special! Thankyou for sharing your blog friends with us!
    I will have to haed over and meet Brenda and of course... I know Mary and boy can she sew!
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers during this very busy time!
    Dee Dee

  5. Thank you for the suggestions, Christine. I'm off to go check out your friends' blogs! Enjoy this week!

  6. Oh wow - such a beautiful picture!! Thanks for sharing it!!

  7. Every time I visit your blog lately, I want to sit and soak in the beauty that comprises your header picture. Thanks for sharing these two special ladies and the joy and encouragement we can get from each other. It is needed this time of year especially.


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