Thursday, December 2, 2010

Simple Pleasure

Today I'm showing off my everyday dishes!

Yup, each one is different.
A few years ago I got rid of my everyday dish set.

I got tired of the same old pattern.
I read somewhere that china is very durable.

So, I set out finding china patterns that I liked.
Most of the dinner plates have a matching dessert plate.
They all came from second hand stores.
If one breaks, I don't worry about it.
I'll just go out and find another.

It is always a surprise when you reach into the
cupboard and pull out a plate.

This is my Simple Pleasure,
eating off of fine china every meal.

is hosting Simple Pleasures.
Please join us every Thursday.


  1. I think that is a fun idea! Pick a plate that fits your mood for the day!! They are all very pretty. And like you said, it would certainly take the pressure off about worrying about breaking a piece.
    Happy Thursday.

  2. Beautiful! And I recognize a few of those patterns! :)

  3. I like the uniqueness of your thought pattern on the china puchases. What fun to pull dishes out of the cupboard and find different pretty patterns. I picture a tablescape with all those dishes...beautiful picture in my mind.

  4. What a great idea! I love the ones you have pictured.

  5. What a great idea! These plates are all beautiful! Wonderful simple pleasure! :)

  6. I'm such a dish nut that I love this. I love the variety and love to switch things around. I also love the feeling of eating off china.

    Great simple pleasure!

    And that picture in your header? Oh MY!!! Beautiful.

  7. What a truly wonderful idea.
    I think I need to incorporate this for me and my little one. Just a daily reminder to enjoy the special things everyday.

    Great idea!

  8. I think it's fun how we all seem to have our favorite plate. Makes eating dinner with you guys more fun.

  9. I sort of do this, too. So fun!!!

    We have a little tea room in our area that does this very thing. Everyone's place setting is different. So charming.

  10. That's a wonderful 'simple' pleasure. Do you ever want a particular one to eat from, or do you just randomly set the table?

  11. Love, LOVE this idea! I set out to do the same thing one year, but never bought a single plate. Some of them can get a bit pricey in antique shops, but your post gives me renewed energy. :) Your "set" is beautiful!

  12. What a great idea! They are all beautiful. The one at the very top ahhhhh, would love to have a 12piece set of that pattern. So sweet & such a simple pleasure. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. Joining you @ Dayle's today.

  13. Love it that you have such an eclectic mix of plates. They are all just beautiful!! How is your daughter and the baby??

  14. you make me want to go out and find neat dishes like these. What a great fun thing.

  15. OK - Christine, may I copy you? I want to do the very same thing. You have figured out a unique way to admire beauty every day. I'm going to do that too! I am going to be a major copy cat!

  16. Oh my! You are a girl after my own heart! Beautiful plates, Christine, and it's so great that you use them daily.
    Mixing patterns is a joy :-)
    Very cheerful and pretty! blessings..Trish

  17. Christine,
    What a perfectly lovely idea! My Mom Mom Friend did something similar when my Pop Pop was in his last stages suffering with his lung illness. She went and bought individual sets of china tea cup saucers and plates (all second hand) in order to incourage him to eat. I love that each of your plates has a different pattern, it must be a sweet surprise to pull out a plate each meal! This is just something else that makes you so endearing!
    Dee Dee

    The more mix n match the merrier!!
    And isn't such a relief to know that if one breaks, you get to go THRIFTING!!! :) :) :)

  19. Just popped by from 'a little something from Judy' and enjoyed my visit. I'll be back!

  20. What a wonderful, wonderful idea! What are we saving the 'good stuff' for, anyway? ;-)

  21. Oh, that was INDEED a pleasure! To see all the beautiful patterns and to know that there is a surprise everytime you pull one out of the cabinet! Do you have a favorite you hope for?

  22. Your idea is so neat and love the patterns . thanks for sharing

  23. I've never heard of this idea before but it's great. There are so many wonderful patterns out threre it makes sense to have more than one. TFS.

  24. Good Morning. Happy birthday wifey. How old are you? Did I give you a gift...? Can't remember. Anyway...I've sort of taken a sabatical from this posting blogging arena, however, I have been looking at your stuff 'cause I love you so much. The best part of these dishes are: a peanut butter sandwich on sourdough goes well on any of them, and, probably the best is, if you have a dish with a little gold on it, you can have a light show by simply putting it in the microwave. Call me sometime.


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