Monday, March 14, 2011

Chicken Little- Tacoma Style

Sunday morning, I visited Todd and Stephanie.
I drove down to Tacoma (about an hour away) to see their newest additions.
They bought 8 baby chicks. They arrived in the mail!

Two have names.
Oprah is one because she's the power house.
Dora got her name because she runs around exploring everything. 

I think her name should be Gumbo or Soup.
(Chicken Gumbo or Chicken Soup!)
These last two pictures I wasn't able to turn them.

This is a video of these cute little things,
scratching at the Chicken books.
Love their little chirps.

Why Raise Chickens?
Here are a few of the most frequently expressed reasons people raise chickens:
  * Easy and inexpensive to maintain (when compared to most other pets)
  * Eggs that are fresh, great-tasting & nutritious
  * Chemical-free bug and weed control
  * Manufacture the worlds best fertilizer
  * Fun & friendly pets with personality (yes, you read that right)

A pullet (young female) starts laying at about 20-24 weeks old. Her first eggs will be small. A hen will lay about 20 dozen (240) eggs in the first year and probably no more than 1000 in her lifetime


  1. The baby chicks are adorable!

  2. How cute are those chicks! :)

  3. Christine,
    Baby chicks... how fun! I was at Tracor Supply Company the other day picking up dog food, and they had baby chicks... I had to resist and not get them at this time. With our new land I have been asking around if I can have chicks inside the city limits! How fun for your son and his wife to try their hand at having chickens!
    Dee Dee

  4. Watch the 'Oprah" one. She'll convince the others that they have a higher calling as women than to be simply egg layers and they will all leave and go to college.
    ;) Deb

  5. Oh, how fun! So, they are 'layers'? :)

    They are just adorable!

    Gumbo? lol!!!

  6. They are so cute!!!
    In the Fall, at the Spencer Fair, my fam and friends favorite part is visiting and holding the chicks at the farming expo. :)
    You must have been so glad you made the drive to see your "grand-chickies." :)

  7. I've never tried raising chickens, but aren't they adorable as babies?

  8. Christine, so cute...but in the mail! Looking forward to see pictures as they get bigger.

  9. Christine, I couldn't get the video to work... =( I love baby chicks! And, the eggs will be sooooo much better than they can get in the store! Fun little chicks!!

  10. It will be just like Cambodia - chickens all around. I hope there aren't any roosters as it is not true that they only crow in the morning.

  11. I have hatched chicks with my first graders. It is such and awesome experience! I hope to hatch chicks and keep them someday.
    They are just so CUTE!

  12. Getting chicks in the mail is fun -- and a little nerve wracking. But it works! And it's a lot less work than turning them in the incubator.

  13. Now we have little chicks in common. Our daughter and her family have them at their home too. Cute pictures!


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