Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Simple Pleasure - Fireside Coffee

I recieved this email from my daughter the other day:

Hi Mother!
I was just wondering if you could make me some more fireside coffee sometime? No rush. I still have a few cups left. I love to have it for company and for me too!
Love Kimmy
  My replay:

You bet I will...
I will do it  for you & anyone else.
Just let me gather the ingredients and it's yours.
Love Ya, MOM

I love it when my grown children ask me to make or do something for them.
The mother in me just comes alive.

It's just a Simple Pleasure to fulfill any request.

is hosting Simple Pleasures.
Please join us every Thursday.

1 C. instant coffee
2 C. coco Mix
2 C. creamer
1/2 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. nutmeg
1 1/2 C sugar
Directions: Add 3-4 t. of mix to a cup of hot water, stir. 
Makes a great gift when you put it in a glass container.

(this recipe has many names but we call it Fireside Coffee)


  1. I remember making that for "teacher gifts" years ago but forgot about it. may have to make it soon : )
    I too love when my girls call for a special treat or a recipe :)

  2. Well, the recipe looks yummy, but I love the mother/daughter connection here the most. I need a mom. You're too young. You could be my sister, though! :)

  3. Christine - I too love the mother/daughter connection.

    Recipe sounds good also.


  4. Ooooh!! That does sound like a great gift and a great thing to have on hand all throughout the winter months. :)
    Chris, have you checked your facebook recently??? I sent you a message and a friend request. :)

  5. I like anything hot that even resembles coffee. This sounds like dessert! Ok, I'll try it. But just for you! :D

  6. Love, love the sound of this coffee, and the name you gave it, as well. I must mix up some. I also get all motherly when my daughter asks me to make something specific for her. That is truly a simple pleasure I hope I never take for granted.

  7. I so love doing things for my children,too. I am going to try your recipe .It sounds wonderful

  8. Christine this sounds really nice.
    By 'creamer' do you mean the coffee-mate?
    I don't drink coffee but my hubby does.
    This looks like a great gift to make!

  9. Christine, there IS something still wonderful when your "babies" ask you for something. Thank you for sharing with us, too!!

  10. coffee+chocolate
    What could be better??
    A loving daughter asking for more!

  11. I know that feeling...the mom in you comes out...I feel that too when my kids's great to be needed and appreciated. Happy St. Pat's

  12. Christine...this sounds delicious!

    Too bad I don't drink coffee anymore :(


  13. Isn't it wonderful when your kids ask you for recipes OR (advice)?

    This Fireside coffee look yummy!

  14. This makes my mommy heart feel warm. I have one out of the four that has left my nest. I can totally see myself doing the same. *grin*

    I really loved this simple pleasure.


  15. Great recipe! Thanks for sharing it with us. You obviously have a wonderful servants heart too! Blessings <3 Paula

  16. How sweet! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Can't wait to try it! ~Karen

  17. Can I be your daughter for a day - and have some of that Fireside Chat with that cup of coffee?? :)

  18. First, I agree with that simple pleasure completely. It's the reason that half my house and half my mom's house is headed out of town to help a daughter with a function. LOL

    And I love the recipe. I was so glad you included it. I make my own cocoa, but I have never made a coffee like that. This goes in the WILL MAKE column.

  19. Sounds like a good coffe mix
    as I just wrote the recipe down
    cant wait to try it
    thanks for sharing

  20. Christine,
    First - beautiful header!
    Second - the recipe looks yummy.
    Third - what a wonderful pleasure to be able to do something for a grown child! I know exactly what you mean!

  21. I too love it when one of our grown children need me to do something, great simple pleasure. Great recipe too, thank you for sharing.

  22. Christine,
    Even though I'm not a coffee drinker, this sounds really good! I too love to do things for my two daughters. That Mothering instinct never goes away does it?


  23. I know the feeling....with two grown sons (as yet still unmarried) living far away...."Are you sure I can't send you something?" Thanks for the recipe; I'll try it for myself.

  24. Thank you for my coffee! I love you!

  25. This sounds good and what a great gift idea. Going to print it out and save :)
    Thank you!

  26. This is such a sweet simple pleasure. Our kids never really grow up do they?

  27. Oh I must try this!!! Thanks for posting the recipe, and thanks also for your kind comment on my post!

  28. I'll have to try this! Kimmy is so blessed to have you for a mom!
    Dee Dee

  29. Thank you for sharing the recipe! My daughter will love that!
    I get that feeling too, when my married son calls me to ask about a recipe!

  30. Anything this good is worth repeating, Christine. Love it!

  31. That scene is from the window is awesome. And the recipe sounds great

  32. What a lovely view out your window...a perfect spot to enjoy your coffee. Mothers' do love to be needed.


  33. Sounds wonderful!
    And I also think your window photo is wonderful!

  34. I've seen the recipes for the spiced tea before but not coffee like this. Will have to bookmark this to make for all the coffee lovers as Christmas gifts. :) Thanks for sharing and have a terrific Thursday. Tammy

  35. Hi Christine, this looks wonderful. I will surely try this.

    Blessings, Barb


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