Thursday, April 28, 2011

Waiting, Watching, Wondering, Working

 37 weeks and counting!
Kimmy is ready.
She's been having some contractions.
There is little room left for Ila to move.

Kimmy is going to have a Home Birth.
This takes a little bit of preparation and some planning.

I'm getting ready, also.

(Textbook used in my class)

I have re-read my text book from
the Doula class, which I took four years ago.

 I'm packing and preparing the items that I will need.
This is what I did when I prepared for Levi, #2 grandchild.

One of my "jobs" is to prepare a meal for everyone who will be
helping with the birth.

 Many of you know, that I don't claim to be a cook.
Judy, at Just A Little Something For You, has recipes that really appealed to me.
Most of them are quick, easy, delicious.  Just my style.
 This is the recipe that I will be making for this special meal.

The umbrella is packed in the back of my car.
This will help identify the home for the mid wife.
Just a little trick.

I started to carry my phone with me everywhere I go.
I'm ready!

I'm beginning to be pretty comfortable about this Doula job.


  1. Aww...excitement and anticipation! Kim has done so well with those home births. Good for her!

  2. I forgot about the umbrella. We need to wait until May at least since her middle name is going to be May. Ila April just dosn't have the same ring to it.

  3. I think she must be carrying that baby horizontally. I'm sure it feels that way :D. How exciting!

  4. How exciting! The count down begins! I will be praying that all goes well. I think it is awesome that you will be helping!

  5. I am keeping you in my prayers for this wonderful miracle about to unfold.

  6. Do keep us posted, my friend. How exciting!

  7. We wait expectantly to hear the news of Ila May's birth! SO EXCITING! Prayers and blessings, my friend!

  8. Welllllll??? Any news from Doula land? You must be so excited!!

  9. I'm commenting a few days after your post so I'm wondering if there is a new grandbaby yet?? The mother-to-be looks wonderful and ready!!

  10. Oh I had three of my six at home with a mid-wife and my daughter-in-law, even though she hasn't been able to get pregnant yet, is also using a this is precious to me in all areas.

    Oh a Doula...I looked into being one a couple of years ago, then God gave me another child at age 45...but I still might check on it are doing such a wonderful, fulfilling thing....blessings to you wonderful!!!!

  11. Christine,
    I'm so excited for you! How wonderful to be part of something so sweet, loving, special...etc!
    I'm so excited to "meet" Ila, too!
    Knowing you being there with Kimmy will be a huge blessing for everyone!
    I was supposed to be at the birth of my sister's second child, but she decided to come on my birthday instead (how cool) and by the time I made it to the hospital she was already born! I was able to make it to the birth of her third child, but had to wait outside during the birth, because she came so fast and my sister didn't want us to see her in so much pain. I was finally able to be in the room for the birth of her last child, how exciting!
    Dee Dee

  12. Oh, wow! Congratulations! I see that you wrote this last maybe baby has already arrived! What fun! Enjoy :)

  13. I am so excited for you all! What a joyful event to look forward to. She looks so ready to deliver. Thank you for your kind comments regarding my quick dishes. Life is so busy and easy, quick dishes work for me.

    Wishing you all the very best! Can't wait to hear about it.


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