Monday, May 2, 2011

Today was a good day!

sent me a package full of goodies!
This is the beautiful card.
Inside she wrote me the sweetest note.
The card was made from one of her blogger friends,

Crystal is very remarkable.
An avid sports fan, Auntie Extraordinaire,
loving daughter and married to her best friend.
Not just a Waitress (her blog) says it all!
 You must go and visit her.

Look at all the wonderful gifts Crystal sent me!

A Polish coffee mug.
Perfect for that one cup of coffee I have in the morning!
(it huge!)
She made this tiara
 for my grand daughter, Lulu!
Plus a Chocolate bunny
Crystal sure knows the heart of a little boy.
The Dinosaur is for Levi.
Plus the perfect rock.
How did she know that Levi loves rocks?
Because she's Crystal, that how! 
The postcard and magnet are from her hometown of
Brookfield, Massachusetts
I love anything that is "home town"
She also gave me a small, purse size, notebook.

Crystal even thought of my  husband, Tom!
He gets the Whoopee Cushion!
I put the praying hands next to his gift.
(No explaination needed.)

Thank you Crystal!
You  are a very thoughtful young woman.
It's a pleasure to know you.


  1. Looks like a FUN package of goodies. That cupcake was amazing!

  2. AHHHH!!!! It has made my day that you got my little package!!! :)
    I'm so glad you like all the little bits I sent. :) Did I say in the card that I wanted to send that rock because it was smoothed by the ATLANTIC Ocean??? I thought that would make it special for you West-Coasters. :)
    You are too sweet, Chris!!
    I thank you again for all your comments. :) You are truly a blessing!!
    Are you a Grammie again yet??
    I felt bad not sending something for the BABY!!
    There will be another package coming soon!! :)

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how many sweet and thoughtful people live in Blog Land.

    The whoopie cushion made me laugh. I wonder what your husband said when he saw his part of the treasure box.

    Or maybe he heard it first?

  4. You can tell your friend put much thought into each of the gifts that she chose for you. Surprises like that can make your day.

  5. It sure is fun to get surprise things in the mail.
    love the coffee mug.

    God bless, Viola

  6. What a fun and very thoughtful box of goodies! Something for everyone! :)

  7. I couldn't think of a better person to recieve such a fun surprise package! Please don't let Tom go too wild with his gift! (or he will have to post about his whoopie cushion adventures)!
    Dee Dee

  8. Totally fun... and yea, that cupcake on the card - yummy! Looks delish.

  9. She's a sweetie, that Crystal, if I do say so myself!
    Love, Susan
    AKA Crystal's Mom :)


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