Sunday, July 3, 2011

Arthur and Crab

July 3

 Our dog Arthur has been very sick this past week.
Kidney infection, limping, high levels of e coli, not eating,
 couldn't walk (would fall over), dehydrated and lethargic.
We really thought we were loosing him.

 After many visits to the vet, all kinds of x-rays and antibiotics,
 he then had a large cyst drained from his front shoulder.
 My friend Linda loves Arthur.
(She's our dog sitter, also.)
She was quite upset about him being so sick.
Today she called to say she had a present for Ar-fur
(that's her nick name for him)
Special dog food from Trader Joe's.
That's true puppy love!

By the way, Arthur is doing much better.
 He woke me up at 4:30 this morning, wanting to play.
Yes...I did.

Tonight, I got a call from my sister-in-law, Tamar.
The one that I married two years ago.
"Can you come over for dinner?
Bob just got home from crabbing and we also have shrimp!"

 I took a sneak peek into her refrigerate.
Yup, there was the Crab!

Oh yea, my tummy is full!


  1. Soooo glad Arthur is recovering!! He does have a real admirer in your friend! LOL! Maybe a little spoiled, I'm just sayin'. LOL!

    And, that dinner!! Oh, my!! Lucky girl!

  2. I'm so glad to hear Arthur is getting better. You had me scared!!!

    I know dinner was great, how can you go wrong with crab! Have a great one!

  3. So glad Arthur is better. And how sweet that he has a sitter who loves him so. Trader Joes...I'm so overdue for a visit.

    Happy 4th!

    Love that dinner you had. Crab legs...oh my.

  4. Very Pleased To hear Arthur Is Improving! And What A Wonderful Dinner! Of Course The Dragonfly Theme Caught My Eye Immediately. :))

  5. So sorry about your Arthur; happy he is improving. He's a cutie.

    That dinner looks delicious. Love seafood!

  6. Christine,
    I'm so thankful that Arthur is improving. Poor little thing, my heart just goes out to him (and to you and Tom), I know how stressful that is.
    Wayne and I love crab, and would have enjoyed sharing this special treat with you all! happy fourth my friend.... dee dee

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  8. I'm so glad Arthur is doing better. That seafood looks mighty tasty! Your life is just chock full of good stuff!

  9. Everyone would love to receive a call like you did from your sister-in-law. What a yummy looking dinner. Eating outside is special.

    So happy Arthur is feeling better.


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