Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Mountain is Out!

 "The Mountain is out",
 is a popular saying we have here in the Seattle area.
It means you can see Mt. Rainier.
So Tom and I took the two hour drive up to the  mountain.

It was an unbelievable, beautiful drive.
We stopped for lunch at this
roadside cafe.
Thirty years ago Tom & I would stop here after
skiing at Crystal Mountain.
 Same booth.
 Mt. Rainier is in a National Park.
 Tom wanted me to post this picture.

Ah, the mountain.
 As we got closer, the mountain it got bigger and bigger
This picture is NOT enlarged!
(double click for a closer view)
 We reached our goal of Paradise Lodge
 Visitors come here to hike up the mountain or just sit and gaze.
 We visited the Jackson Visitor Center
and got quiet an education about the history of
Mt. Rainier.
Mt. Rainier
or as our children use to say,
"Mt. Right Near"
Today is was very near!


  1. Wow, awesome trip to share with us. Looks like a great day trip! Jude

  2. Well this Mr Wright and Mrs Wright need to come see "Mt Right Near"....this is just beautiful and I have never had the joy of seeing that part of the country...there truly is so much beauty here in the States...thanks for sharing

  3. Christine
    Thanks for that trip down memory lane. It was a yearly ritual to drive to Mt. Ranier whenever we were visiting my brother in Tacoma.
    I haven't been there since I was seventeen. My plan was to finish my senior year and then move out to WA and go to college. Well, I met my DH and never made it and haven't been there since.
    I'm meeting my brother in Iowa next month. Maybe I'll stow away in his suitcase!

  4. Lovely trip! Reminds me of my trek over the Grand Tetons on our way to moving to Idaho for two years - many years ago. The prairie turned into distant mountains which turned into big mountains - one right after the other! What a great getaway!
    Miss Kathy

  5. That is just beautiful. That would be a fun trip for us. Want to join us and go again?

  6. Next time you go on one of your day outtings I would really like to come along!

    But... I guess I will have to settle for your next blog post!

    Looking forward to it! Beautiful!

  7. Wow!!!!! That is just incredible! Trade you a red barn and a corn field!? haha.

    Love "the mountain is out"...that is just so cute!

  8. Wow! That mountain is incredible. Especially to this east coast girl who only gets to see hills. Thanks for taking me along on your trip.

  9. We camped near Mt. Rainier in 1980 and there was ash everywhere from the recent Mount St Helens erruption. Then in 2005 we watched it on the horizon from the space needle {while there for Amanda's wedding}. It was lucky we were there on a day the mountain was out.

  10. I'm starting to believe that we (at least I) use the word "breathtaking" too often.

    If I had ever seen this in person, I would know what the word really means.

    Just beautiful!!

    (And I love that you are in the same old booth)

  11. Wow! What a beautiful piece of God's earth! Thanks for sharing this trip with us too!
    Dee dee

  12. What a lovely day out. Snow in summer! Looks very beautiful.

  13. CRYSTAL Mountain?!?!?!?
    Now that sounds like an awesome place!!!! :) :) :)
    Looks like you and Tom had a great time. :)

  14. I always wished to visit Mt. Rainer and today I had that privilege. I like the beautiful pictures and I think it looks like the perfect way to spend the day together. I especially like the picture of you and your husband together. I love seeing couples enjoying each other.

  15. WOWWW!! That is in my bucket list, Christine! So beautiful!


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