Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Norwegian Was Scottish Today

The 65th Anniversary of the
Scottish Highland Games & Clan Gathering

There was something going on all the time.
 Judging individuals for
Drum and Bagpipe competition.
We heard hundreds bagpipes playing everywhere we went.

Highland Dancing Competition
These girls are doing The Highland Fling.

Scottish Athletic Events
Putting the Stone
 This is an actual rock (stone), similar to a Shot Put
 Scottish Hammer
They swing around & around this maul-like
 hammer, as far as they can.
(top of picture is the hammer) 
 The Sheaf Toss
Using a pitch fork, they fling the sheaf
 (a bundle of straw in burlap),up over the cross bar.
They keep raising the bar.

"Big Daddy" won the Hammer toss.
He's huge!

 The Celtic Kennel
Irish Wolf Hound
 This lady went all out to decorate her dog kennel.
She made it to look like the front door of a Scottish home.

A Taste of Scotland
 Ever had Haggis?

 The famous Scottish Meat Pies.
 No plate needed. The meat is baked into the pastry.
 Oh - so - yummmy!
 So many different kinds of Kilts.
This couple dressed alike.
 This is just a small part of the Clan Tents and Societies.
Each Clan (family) has their own tartan (plaid).
 The clans set up tents to display everything about their heritage.
Did you know that there are over 2,200
 different types of tartans (plaids).

Leaving you with some of the Bagpipe music. 


  1. Lady you just have toooooooooo much fun. My husband would love this. My son has always wanted bagpipes.

  2. I think I would really enjoy the Highland Games! My grandmother came from Scotland in 1920. She and my aunt both had a Scottish brogue, which I always loved. I remember going to an event as a child and seeing my Dad dress in a kilt and I think he tried to play the bagpipes! It was pretty hysterical!
    The sound of the bagpipes makes me miss him now. You're having quite the eventful summer, my friend! Enjoy every minute! It's flying bye....

  3. My family is of Scottish descent. Would have loved to have joined you there. What fun you and your family have.

  4. Oh! How I would have loved this day! We've been to the Ren Faire's Celtic Fling in Lancaster, PA and are very into Scottish whatall! Monarch of the Glen fans and your photos of the games made me think of a book you might enjoy - from Lillian Jackson Braun's "Cat Who" series - "The Cat Who Robbed a Bank" - there is the Highland Games at the center of the story with lengthy descriptions and a great cozy mystery to solve along the way. Alas, I am just a wannabe. I'm Italian with a touch of Ukraine. But, for some reason I have always felt kindred to England, Scotland, and Ireland more than anywhere else! Love their history! For great historical fiction you might love Michael Phillips "Caledonia" two part epic. It is an amazing piece of work - powerful - magnificent! Loved your period attire - I've got my tartan plaid outfit from head to toe I wear for these types of events. And, my husband is a Ross - so I pick up his tartan via the Scottish Lion catalog - though he claims the Swede ancestry to be more prevalent. Thanks for sharing!
    Miss Kathy

  5. This looks like so much fun! I would have loved to see the dancing. Thanks for sharing your many fun adventures! :)

  6. What a day you had, girlfriend!

  7. Christine,
    I would have loved this event! My friend Elyce is scottish (an elder} and have learned so much about this great culture thru her! I want to try on of those pies..... yummy! I was wondering when school starts back up for you? Keep the events coming... (after all I am living my summer thru you this year!)
    Prayers and hugs.... Dee Dee

  8. Our family would love this! The husband is a Scot. There are some games on the coast, but we've never done them. I'm going to try the next time.

    Now, I'm going to click that video and enjoy some bagpipes.

  9. This would be right up my son's alley! And, mine! Love Celtic music and bagpipes and haggis!

    And, I love your new header photo! Now, I'm all caught up, hope you're having a great week. t


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