Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Simple Pleasure-Watering Can

My Summer Simple Pleasure for today is
watering flowers with my new watering can.
Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have had
rain almost everyday this summer.
Today we had sun!
So, I had to try out my new watering can.

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  1. Looks cute! I'm enjoying this sun. Hope it lasts!

  2. I love your watering send that rain this direction.

  3. Hi Christine,
    Watering with a watering can can be so rewarding --- you get closer to your plants and flowers and maybe find little treasures you dont see when hosing.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  4. I need an extra large watering can on this side of the world. Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  5. Now I have "Mary Mary quite contrary?" stuck in my head. Watering cans do that for me.

    I love the simple pleasure, and the photo with the water sprinkling out is perfect.

  6. Beautiful photo, Christine. I would love to share a little sunshine with you! And, if you could share a little rain with us, it would be appreciated! =) blessings ~ tanna

  7. What a great picture! Your geraniums are gorgeous. We would be glad to get some of your rain here in Pennsylvania. My garden is drying up and burning away in this heat. I love your simple pleasure.

  8. I love your watering can. This is a great picture. It looks like the rain is keeping your flowers alive and beautiful!

  9. Hi Christine...That's a great Simple Pleasure.Lovely photos, too.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. You are welcome any time. Also, thanks for leaving a comment. Don't you love comments? I truly enjoy hearing from readers.

    Have a great day. Sincerely, Susan

  10. What a great photo!

    I've been collecting water from the kiddo's swimming pool into my watering cans for the following morning... to water my plants.

    We've had a few rain showers here and there over the past several days... WHICH I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bring on the rain.

    That said. I'm feeling very ready to be done with this pregnancy. I now have "cankles" last night and today - which has been (really) the first with this one.

  11. It has been so hot and so dry here that weeding is very easy...all you have to do is scrape the topsoil and they come right out. I'd rather have the rain though. Your new watering can is perfect for watering potted plants. Love the geraniums.


  12. Great pic! And a delightful simple pleasure!
    I didn't text a question to Josh Groban but if Crystal had been with me I might have asked if he'd sing with her! Now that would be FAB!

  13. I love it, Christine! Love it! I'm a big watering can fan and have an antique metal one that makes me smile every time I use it. Sorry your summer has been so wet. Ours has been just the opposite.

  14. Great photo! I think we have been the opposite...sun almost every day and finally rain today :)

  15. Oooh...and a nice one it is, too! I love watering the flowers. You have to do it early here before the heat overwhelms you! :)

  16. I think the geraniums are enjoying your simple pleasure at least as much as you are!

    My daughter and son-in-law live in the valley too (Hillsboro). She too is tired of the rain!

    Blessings, Debbie

  17. we really need some of you rain...and glad you got a chance to try out the new watering can. Hope you have a great weekend.

  18. My little grandsons love our watering can. They do have a certain appeal don't they, nostalgic almost. Hope your sunshine is there to stay for a while!

  19. So glad the sun came out long enough for you to use this spiffy new watering can!

  20. Send some of that rain this way, please. I love a good watering can.

  21. Christine,
    Please feel free to send some of that rain this way! It has been dry and hot during these past few weeks! Love the watering can and your flowers are as pretty as you!
    Dee Dee


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