Saturday, August 6, 2011

Playtime is Over

 What a great time I've had this summer.
 Going to places I've never been before and
 doing things I that I never expected to do.

At the beginning of my Summer,
 I read a blog post from Janette Sage.
She didn't know it, but at the time she challenged me. 
 Her words were:
"Now, isn't life just too short to miss those "taking advantage of the fun around us!" events? It doesn't have to be an event that makes the papers or Internet, but something that creates a story for everyone to tell and re-tell for years to come....the "do you remember when?" type of tales.

Here's the challenge I took;
What "taking advantage of the fun around us" event have you been a part of lately?"

My theme (love a theme) for the summer was set.
We (husband and I) were going to go & do.
I'm always telling everyone to make memories.
This time it was me who was going to make memories.

Tom and I spent most every week in July,
seeking some sort of fun that would create a memory.

But now...
 it's back to work for me and I have mixed emotions, again.

My prayer is,
God show me where you want me.


  1. We sure had a fun summer with you.

  2. You certainly did do a great job with your theme and goal. Your posts looked so fun and I enjoyed living vicariously though you! I hope the school year is a wonderful one!

  3. Christine
    So that is why you where out there enjoying your summer so much!!
    Thanks for taking me along on so many summer adventures with you.
    I, too, am sorry it has to end.
    Seriously I will pray for the Lords guidance for your future Christine. It's often an unsettling in our spirit that leads us into something new that the Lord has planned for us.
    Blessing on this school season for you!

  4. Hi Christine,
    I'm glad you and Tom had a fun summer! It's so important to take advantage of those fun moments and from what you posted on your blog it looks like you did just that!!
    Have a great week.

  5. Christine, its been fun tagging along on your special trips. Thanks. It is had to believe that the summer is coming to an end. Have a great week. Jude

  6. Oh thank you for taking my post to heart...each time you posted I would yell to myself, she is doing it!!! What a wonderful example of just the thing I felt in my heart the Lord was saying.

    Hugs, blessings as you start a new year....hold all those memories close and allow God to show you opportunity after opportunity even through the fall.

    I have enjoyed your summer...thanks for allowing me to visit.

  7. Oh! Christine! Don't end the summer for me yet! I haven't really gotten near the R&R I so need right now. And the first day of school is bearing down on me in less than a month!!

    I have a file in my documents I call, Vacation Days, because that's all we ever get. A day randomly, here or there. How we long for the real vacation thing - a week or two someplace else to just totally PLAY - and make a lasting memory - renewing strength and relaxing. I'm thinking a thatched roof cottage in the middle of the English countryside in a quaint village with tea room in walking distance and antiques . . .

  8. What a beautiful prayer! That is my prayer too. I have enjoyed the fact that you shared your fun with us in the blogging world. You certainly seemed to be having fun as you shared each event. I am excited for you and all that is in store for you as you head back to work. Wishing you the very best!

  9. What a wonderful and fun summer you have had! I have enjoyed going along with you. You have certainly lived up to your goal. I will be praying for you as you start a new school year and that God will show you where He wants you to be.

  10. You have experienced so much this past July! And it certainly looks like you had such a fun time.

    Praying this school year and your job go well.

    Thanks for the fun posts this summer!

  11. I'm so glad you decided to be the ones to "go and do." I often find myself in need of my own advice. :)
    I can't believe you have to go back to school so soon!! Is summer really almost over?? Say it isn't so!!!
    I will have you in my heart and prayers as you embark on a new year and try to figured out where God is leading you. :)
    I think you should check back over at my blog and check to see if there's been a little editing since your comment... ;)
    AND...I sent you something today... :) :) :) Don't you just love surprises???
    Blessings, my friend. :)

  12. Of course, as I think back on your posts from this summer, that's EXACTLY what you did! I have enjoyed visiting those places with you.

    I also remember that post from Janette. What did I do on that theme this summer?

    Aside from a visit to our local botanical gardens, nothing after nothing. Sigh...

    Sorry to hear your summer is over. I hope it's a great year at your school.

  13. What a great challenge. I substitute teach, and I feel sad too that summer is coming to a close. Have a blessed day! Jackie

  14. Summer does go way to fast! Glad you made lots of wonderful memories! If only we could figure out how to add another month or two to summer!

  15. Christine,
    Your summer trips have been my summer vacation! Thanks for sharing with me (and everyone). It sounds like your heart is heavy, so please know that I will be praying that God will guide and direct your path in very clear ways over the course of this life season. Remember...... you matter!
    Dee Dee

  16. So sorry summer is over for you. Perhaps there will be opportunities for some fall memories

  17. And, because of your acceptance of Janette's challenge, I have enjoyed your trips and fun vicariously! So, you have spread the joy, Christine... just as you will spread His Love in the weeks ahead. blessings ~ tanna

  18. Hey, I'm up for the challenge of taking advantage of the fun....

    Glad you are too!

    See you soon.... look forward to future chats!


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