Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reward After My First Work Week

Date Night for Kimmy and Mark.
They dropped off Lulu and Levi for an overnight.

We had "Porter House" Pancakes.
and opened a carton of milk.

We dined inside with Lulu and Levi as our entertainment.


In the morning, we bundled up and had coffee on the patio.

This is Levi's first time drinking coffee over
at Papa and Gramie-Goo's house.
Looks like Lulu needs another cup of coffee.
 Cinnamon Toast is a must in the morning.
We even made up a song about it.
(Papa is up to his old pranks)

 After breakfast we strolled around the block.
We always walk with a bag or basket.
You never know when you might find a treasure.
 Lulu stopped and wanted her picture taken by this
 "beautiful house".
Little did she know, that this was the home of
our good friends, who now live in Dalhart, TX.


An art project to take home.

It was a great way to finish
 my first week back at work.

 ( I really need to kiss those cuties more!)


  1. Cinnamon toast... yummy yummy yummy!

    Oh my yes, I can see why you want to kiss those cuties more....

  2. Christine,
    How wonderful that you had this time with the grandkids! You and Tom truely shower them with blessings and love... something they will treasure always! Wish I could come and play too!!!!!
    Dee Dee

  3. Christine
    It is clear to see that you all had such fun. You are making great memories with the little ones.
    Love the ditty! Sneaky grandpa!

  4. They had so much fun. Their beautiful art work is hanging from the chandelier.

  5. Christine, looks like everyone was having fun. It also appears that the start of the day was a bit on the cooler side since Tom and the kids were wearing jackets. I wish that was us for break in our weather. Have a great week. Judy

  6. You guys!!!:D How funny! I played the little clip 3 times. Lulu singing and little Levi keeping time to the music! What a blessing these children are. You actually have cool weather there AND friends in Texas! :D Keep it up.

  7. What a wonderful way to end your work week! Looks like you all had so much fun. You are very Blessed!

  8. for you and fun for mom and dad! Loved the video! haha.

  9. It's evident a good time was had by all! The video made me chuckle......reminded me of another sneaky Grandpa I know! :)
    You've got a couple of budding artists there! So fun!
    The students aren't back at school yet are they? Hopefully you're easing back into the swing of things!
    Happy Sunday!

  10. The video is my favorite part.

    What a wonderful time you all had. It's the kind of thing I imagine when I think of having grandchildren.

  11. Ya just gotta love that Tom. What a fun grandpa.

  12. Seeing you all with jackets on during your time on the porch, is so different than here in our part of the world. You two are mastering the grandparenting role. "Porter house pancakes", what creativity.


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