Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kimmy Sings!

 Kimmy was asked to be apart of a one-time-only,
Women's Choir, at her Church.

Kimmy is third from the right

Growing up I rarely heard her sing or even hum.
(Well, there was that one time)
So of course I was there to take pictures for a post!

Kimmy wanted Lulu & Levi to see their mother
singing in front of others.
At home Kimmy has Lulu & Levi practice their singing,
 as part of their Home School.
 Each has their own X on the floor where they stand and preform.

 Kimmy sings for God.
Kimmy is teaching Lulu & Levi, it's fun to sing for others.

Kimmy also makes her own mother's heart sing with happiness!


  1. We don't have the gift of song in this family. We love to sing, but we're not great singers. I have always wanted to have one of those voices that I could use for the LORD. I know your heart must have been full watching her.

  2. What a wonderful example Kimmy is showing her children. I'm sure it was a beautiful performance.

  3. How very wonderful! I bet the kids loved seeing their mom sing in church!

    Love your sidebar stuff. I don't like green bean casserole or that canned cranberry! I know! What's wrong with me! It's so American, it should be a law. ha. I do however, love pecan pie. It's my favorite. We buy a 12 pound turkey and I do make a well for my gravy. yum....and yes, coffee does finish off the meal! :)

  4. Christine, I could just ditto what Debbie said about wishing I could sing like that. I know just what you mean about your own heart singing while watching your daughter. It is such a gift to see them soar!! blessings ~ tanna

  5. Christine
    It's apparent you're a proud mother
    And with good reason.
    Isn't it neat the way our daughters grow up to be even lovlier women and mothers than we had ever imagined they would be?

  6. What a "proud parent" moment for you. It takes courage to get up in front of people and sing (I know from experience). And what a great example for her kids.

  7. Singing: I fear it is something I take for granted having grown up singing all of my life. As a family we would sing while driving to and fro. At church, growing up, we sang accapella (four part harmony) and on occassion my mom, myself and sisters would sing special music at a church service or old folks home.

    I love it. And doing my best to instil that -gift- into my children as well. Sometimes the little ones say (as they will) "Stop singing. You can't sing that". I think to myself - you can tell someone to stop singing but really they can never take the song away - out of the heart. I love the verse in Psalms where it is says something like this... "as long as I have breath - I'm going to sing praises to my God".(totally paraphrased there.)

    Keep singing!!

  8. What a joy....our daughter leads praise and worship...but I have to say I haven't seen her do it...but we have heard her voice through the years.

    How precious for her to want her kids to see her sing in front of people...I am so glad that wasn't required of me in all the years I home schooled...LOL They did hear my sing enough at home. My kids just didn't want me to wear a denim jumper...LOL

    What a glad you got to be there

  9. Oh how I wish i could hear her sing with these other wonderful ladies! Way to go Kimmy!
    Dee Dee

  10. Oh, the smile that must have been on your face at that moment. Thank you for sharing this special time with us. I am sure she blessed many this day!

  11. Oh, Christine, I can almost hear your heart singing! Wishing you and your whole family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. Truly a gift, the gift of music. I'm blessed to come from a long line of singers and musicians. These God-given gifts have sustained me on many a dreary day. Go, Kimmy!


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