Thursday, January 19, 2012

Found: One Blue Glove

Our weather has been crazy.
First snow.
Then ice.
Then snow again!

Sneak Preview of the Cottage:


  1. Poor little guy who lost his glove. His fingers will be so cold. That's too funny.
    Such a cute little cottage. I'm so excited for you and I'm so excited to get moving.

  2. Gasp, that's my glove! How on earth did it get all the way from Michigan to Washington. My hand has been cold for weeks. :) Just kidding. :)

  3. Hope the owner of that glove is able to backtrack and find their glove so thoughfully saved for them! LOVE the look of the cottage in the snow! blessings ~ Tanna

  4. Hope all is going well. Stay warm out there. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Oh my please stay safe and warm!
    I just love the exterior of your cottage! With the round front it is like a English cottage! I'm sure you and Tom will be very comfortable and cozy there!
    Dee Dee
    Please send me my glove!

  6. I wondered where all the snow had gone. We haven't had but a few flurries here in Northern VA this winter. I will gladly take what you don't want.

    Love the preview of your cottage! Looks beautiful.


  7. Look at that is going to be close to 80 here today...and the one glove, too funny.

    Love, love the cottage...enjoy, have fun, what an adventure!!

  8. How beautiful... and the glove idea is brilliant! I'll remember that!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Christine
    I love your little cottage. It even looks happy with all that snow
    Hope that someone finds their glove

  10. Can't wait to get a closer tour of the cottage and fix it up vicariously with you.

    And I hope the lost glove finds its way home.

  11. cold yes but it looks so cozy. Stay warm....

  12. Great snow photos, Christine, trying to catchup as i have been gone this week from blogland.
    Read your last post, and enjoyed it so much downsizing has been in our vocabulary for awhile too,, I wish you and your dh the best on this new journey you are embarking on and looking forward to you sharing of this new adventure.

  13. I wonder if that's the other glove from O.J. Simpson's murder trial. Hmmm ...

  14. Morning Christine,
    I was honored with the Liebster Award a few days ago and I am excited to get to pass it onto you!
    Head over to my blog to check out the details!
    Have a great day....
    you all are in my prayers!
    Dee Dee

  15. Came over from DDZINE and can't wait to follow your wonderful adventure in your new cottage!

  16. We were thrilled to finally see some snow on our mountain tops. It had been so dry here in Northern California.

  17. We haven't had much snow this winter. Last year, however, was another matter -- snowbanks where you could only see the tops of heads of people walking by.

    Maybe you got our share over there?

    Hopefully that fellow comes by and finds his glove... it looks like a nice, warm one.

  18. What a cute, cozy cottage! I know you will add some creative touches to it and hopefully you will share them with us.

    We are having unseasonably warm tempetures here, and I don't even have need of one glove:)


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