Thursday, June 7, 2012

Doula time!

 Banana Bread!
It must be time to visit Todd and Stephanie.
It's tradition for me to bake and take.
Stephanie and Todd have asked me to be their Doula.
Can you say Excited! Happy! Thrilled?

 Take a peek!
Steph is 29 weeks along with Little Baby Boy.

We talked about their birth plan. 
Went over a few other things. 
These two are going to be great parents.
They ask the right questions and are doing all the rights things.

Grandma /Doula is very pleased.

Love Ya!


  1. They look adorable together. What a lucky baby to be born into your family.

    Aunt Doroty's recipe I assume?

  2. How exciting! My daughter who recently had a baby also had a doula to help her. But I (and the other granny) were invited to attend the birth and we did. WOW!
    I wouldn't have made a good doula, but I'm trying really hard to be a good grandma. You'll do great Christine!

  3. That is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!! What a blessing. I have wanted to train as a doula...oh my, how exciting for all. I was thinking she was getting close.

  4. Not to long now! So exciting to have another grandbaby!My PopPop always made banana bread!
    dee dee

  5. So many people in my life having babies! All within a few weeks of each other. What's in the water? Such an exciting time for you. Keep us posted.

  6. Aw...that is so sweet! They look so cute and happy!

    I was going to make banana bread today but the bananas are still laying here on the counter! Hopefully tomorrow....

  7. Oh, you are one lucky lady!! Doula and Grandma. Perfect roles for you. Oh, and you'll be the first to see that sweet baby boy. Ahhhh... joy to my heart. blessings ~ tanna

  8. This would be whatcha call a double portion, wouldn't it?

    Yeah, I think so too!

  9. Hi Christine, just loved seeing the happy faces on the happy couple., those smiles say it all, and what a joy you are going to be to them, and a great Doula too!
    I know you are enjoying your retirement too!!! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!!
    p.s. The banana bread looks delicious!

  10. Chris!! I have missed you!!! I think of you so often even though I have been a BAD BAD blog friend!! I am overjoyed to hear about your family's new baby!! :) :) :) :) :)
    I am smiling ear to ear!!!
    I'm gonna go back and read your earlier posts and try and catch up a little bit!! I just posted for the first time in ages. Stop by if you have a second. I'll be back to your blog soon!! :)

  11. So exciting! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!


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