Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Weeks and Counting

 Two weeks from today will be my last day
working at the high school.
So I thought I show you how my day started and ended.

At 6:00 in the morning, this is the view out my car window.
Low clouds over the valley.
Great way to meditate & pray
 before the rush of the job.
Don't worry, I'm usually the only one on the road at this time. 
So picture talking is a quick snap.

Date Night 
Tom had the best dinner plans. 
We rode our bicycles over to City Hall.
He made sandwiches and he spread the blanket.

Perfect way to end the day.
Great way to end the week!


  1. Two weeks will go by so quickly. I can only dream of retiring at this point.

    What a nice date night you and Tom had. I love picnics.

  2. Christine
    Will you miss rising early or take advantage of the fact you can sleep in?
    Oh, it will seem so strange after so many years of working to change your whole routine. But I'm sure you'll find plenty to do to fill your days-maybe more picnics with Tom!
    I'm so happy for you.

  3. The date night is my favorite part. That's exactly what's in my head when I say that I want to bike ride. Exactly.

    Won't retirement be buckets of fun!

  4. Two week...
    And then comes that PERFECT MONDAY morning one day down the road...when you wake up smiling cause its finally REAL.

    Just in time for you to get really into the Doula Duties. :)

    btw...we are standing by the phone on high alert. Our little one is due on Tuesday and every time the phone rings I just KNOW that its my daughter calling to tell me that it's time.

    Ready for this part of the waiting to be done. And eager to hold that little girl in my arms.

    We will be on "big brother" detail for a bit of the time when my daughter is in the hospital. My grandson will be spending some of his days with us and his nights with other family members.

    Looking forward to seeing him react to a new baby too.

    Hoping he is gentle with her.

    Have a great Saturday Morning:)

    In Him,

  5. I love it that he spread the blanket on the grass for the picnic right next to a table. :)

    That shows how Young and Agile ya'll truly are.

    You're going to have so much fun in your retirement.

  6. Looking forward two weeks with you! Will you sleep in or get up early and watch the sun rise? The picnic looks lovely!

  7. These next two weeks will probably just zoom on by!

  8. If one must drive to work a bit of pretty scenery can't hurt! You guys are so cute! What a lovely idea for an afternoon.

  9. lovely low clouds! And I take pictures as I drive, too. You just have to be careful and never let your eyes leave the road! ha.

    Your Tom is such a sweetie!

  10. How Adorable that the hubby packed a picnic dinner for you guys to have a date nite. Very thoughtful.
    What a way to begin the evening together.

    Take care,

  11. What cute photos of the picnic couple.

    I don't know if the next two weeks will fly by or drag by, but I predict that come August, you'll be plumb giddy that you aren't returning to school. :)

  12. I so enjoy you giving a glimpse into your life...I never go past a school without thinking about the plants you planted near your parking lot, and I am so grateful to those who have given their life in educating our children. Now enjoy your new season of life and all it holds!!...I think you are already

  13. The countdown is on!! I am excited for you, Christine. The picnic looks so fun... and good exercise to work off those wonderful sandwiches. Hope you enjoy another soon. blessings ~ tanna

    ps we are LOVING our coffee. Thank you again!! xoxo ~ t.


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