Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday Art Fair

The local mall, 
which is only a 10 minute walk  from our front door,
was having an Art Festival this weekend.

Even the threat of rain, didn't stop the us or all the others.

Remember the Tree Socks?
The artist is the designer and creator
 of all these colorful, yarn, wind socks 
that were hung up all around.

She also had a hands on art creation for the young.
Children were given balls of colorful yarn.

They looped the yarn in and out of the web.
Creating a master piece.

Tom and I enjoyed watching the little ones having
so much fun adding their
own talents to the sculpture.

There were several of these sculptures.
Notice all the windsocks. Each was so unique.

I ventured out to see some of the local artist.

All this and music too!


  1. Hi Christine, Loved seeing this art fair; reminds me so much of the many we had in the silicon valley area when we lived there. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. What an awesome fair! Love the yarn sculptures, such a great idea.

  3. You live in such a fun place..everything is so refreshing...I would have loved this

  4. now this event is right up my alley! Love the wind socks and the hand on art project for the little ones! We went to a local art festival a few weekends ago and while Zac went to take his driver licence test (he passed!) Madison and I walked around the art show! Madison had so much fun creating a ceramic pig. Thanks for sharing... dee dee

  5. What a cool fair! I absolutely love it. Wish we had something like that around here. Thanks for posting the pictures. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  6. Christine
    What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I love seeing what the creative mind comes up with.
    My hubby would be more interested in the music too.

  7. This is so cool, I really like the kids doing the yarn art work. To have this so near was a treat, The music would have been one of my favorite things to do. Hope the rain held off, thanks for sharing.

  8. I absolutely love art festivals. When they have street musicians as well, I'm downright giddy. I love them.

    And I am freaked out that you are all in jackets. Intellectually, I KNOW the climate difference between us, but it's so odd to see it when I'm sweating all day in sleeveless shirts.

    This looked really fun!

  9. And, I see some yarn bombing, too!! Festive and fun!! Enjoy, Christine! blessings ~ tanna

  10. You plan the best outings and the thing I noticed more than anything was that people are dressed in long sleeves and jackets. ARGH! Why can't it be me???? We're about to die down here.

  11. what a fun time! Had to laugh when you said there was a threat of rain. :) Of course there was!

    Thanks for pointing Tom out. We would have missed him! ha.


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