Friday, June 29, 2012


What does this mean to me?

Saying Good-bye to all the students (my kids).
I will miss all the chit-chat, hard talks,
 stories of all and every kind.
Meaningful conversations.
Helping with homework.
Hilarious moments that brought me to tears.
My parental "talking to's". 
Inspiring, Advising, Cheering, Scolding,
Teaching, Loving
them with every ounce of my being.
Cherishing every minute of them.
Every year it gets harder to let them go.
This year was the hardest.

I will miss all of them very much.
(Where is my Kleenex?)

Cards from my TA's 

They called me "Mom".
Even their moms called me Mom!

I saved a few cards from over the years.
Now it's time to let them go.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saying Good-bye to the parents who called or
came into my office.
To all the moms who stepped up and volunteered.
Giving parents updates, advice, information of all sorts
(even the weather!).
Calming them down, building them up. 
Listening, listening, listening and listening.
Thank you card from a mom volunteer.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saying Good-byes to staff members.
Watching  "family members" come and go.
Sharing life events, weddings, births, deaths.
Getting over loaded with conversation, work, and time.
Celebrating all kinds of things, like birthdays, weight loss,
 hair styles, even pedicures.
Parties that lasted into the wee hours. 
Luncheons, luncheons and more luncheons.
Standing or sitting on those hard bleaches to
cheer on the school team.
Committees of every kind,
the decorations committee, safety committee,
cheer leading committee, 
sports committee, clean-up committee, technology committee.
And of the pranks. Oh the pranks!
Some planned with precise and elaborate details. 
Or the spur of the moment doozies.

Retirement card from the school.

The inside signed by...

the staff.

Retirement Celebration at school

Eleven years of my life.
Sometimes I find it hard to say good-bye and let go.

But then I look to the future.
My heart beats faster and a huge smile grows.

Hello future!

Lulu and Kimmy's card to me 

Ila May
Baby Boy due in August.



  1. This is just awesome...what a joy, what a heritage you are leaving, thank you, all schools need people like you...and now for your future.

    I read a poem I need to email reminded me of your son and the upcoming birth of his own child


  2. You should be so proud--it's obvious you are well loved and will be missed.

    Congratulations, and blessings for your future!

  3. I'm crying now. :) I'm so proud of you and they sure are going to miss you!

  4. Christine,
    You spoke into the lives of others and it showed in every card, letter, photo.. etc! You have earned this break and I can't wait to see what doors God will open for you next!
    dee dee

  5. What a blessing to have had a job that you love so much and obviouly are loved there. How exciting to leave a place you love to go to a place you love even more. Some changes are just lovely and I think this will be for you and your family.Hugs, kiddo!

  6. What an exciting time in your life! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Wish you the best. Judy

  7. Bitter-sweet.
    You will be missed I'm certain, but those little ones are going to love, love, getting to spend more time with you!!

    Throw away the alarm clock!

    Happy weekend :)


  8. This post brought tears to my eyes. When a door closes, another opens. So sad leaving your job after 11 years of happiness (for both yourself and others). So happy with being able to spend time with those who you love and who love you. I know you will be sorely missed at the school.

  9. Christine,
    I can't wait to see what's on the Horizon for you guys with this new season.

    God bless the Happy Days.


  10. Her lone footsteps echo, as she walks down the hall.
    She’s earned her “new life”, she’s given her all!

    Happy Retirement!

  11. This was such a great read Christine, what an awesome testimony of time invested in so many lives, you will indeed see many returns on your investment. I have a feeling many will continue to seek counsel from you.You will be missed beyond words.
    Enjoy your retirement, you have certainly earned it! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Christine, your past is full of reward and blessings... your future is full of nothing but promise!! xoxo ~ tanna

  13. I guess the term "bittersweet" applies perfectly here. I know it was sad to say good bye to that phase of your life, but LOOOOOOK out! You are going to have a ball.

    And oh my goodness has Ila May gotten big! She's just plain adorable, too, just like the rest of your grandbabies.

    I know you are so excited that another one is so close to arrival.

  14. I just cannot imagine all the emotions that you have faced in this new chapter of life. One thing for sure, they will never forget you and all that you gave to them over the years. You look great!

    Wish you the best!

  15. These momentous changes in our lives tend to come mixed with bitter-sweet. And as much as we love the new chapter, there is something very poignant about turning the last page on the previous one.

    So I can imagine your heart -- elated and torn -- thankfully He's promised comfort and grace for the teary moments as well as anticipation with GREAT joy for the days ahead.

    What a legacy with eternal consequences you leave behind in all those lives you've sown into. Many jewels in your crown, me thinks!


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