Friday, June 1, 2012


Our little cottage has always reminded me of
the storybook The Little House.
I mentioned this in a past post.

Mary remembered, reacted and
responded with the actual book!

To my surprise, I received this special book today in the mail.

Mary even add her own artistic note 
to go with the storybook.

Thank you Mary!
(I know, you know, how special this is to me)

I am looking forward to reading, rereading
 and reading, rereading
this wonderful book to all my grandchildren.
I know it will be the "go to" book when they come over.


  1. What a beautiful gesture.... how thoughtful of your friend... and how special for you!

  2. What a very thoughtful gift, from Mary, friends are just one of many gifts from our heavenly Father. Enjoy reading with your grandchildren.

  3. That is awesome and how creative. I love that book, well I love most children's books. What a great keep sake.

    What is your theme for summer this year? It is always fun to see your themes.

  4. haha...awww...that is just perfect! :)

  5. How fun! I can't wait to see it.

  6. What a wonderful surprise for you! I was telling my daughter all about your very own Little House adventure, and she didn't remember that book.

    I. was. appalled.
    I must have dropped the ball.

    I need to find a copy to read to those grandchildren who live inside my heart.

  7. What a sweet gift from a thoughtful lady!
    I haven't heard of it, but now my interest is peaked.

  8. Mary is so sweet! May your cottage always be a place of joy and blessings!
    dee dee

  9. Aren't good friends the very best? What a thoughtful gift!


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