Sunday, September 9, 2012

Date Night For Mom and Dad

 We had Lulu and Levi over for
an Ice Cream Social.

 It was a make your own Sunday.
Love how little ones think.
Twelve cherries was a bit much.
Of course, testing the
 condiments was permitted.

 Ahhh.. the cherry!

 We were also taking care of
Todd and Stephanie's two big dogs.
Lulu's fear of  Cooper vanished!

 It was so hot. Even at 6:30 in the evening.
The squirt guns came out.
We even ran through the sprinkler.

Big sister showing Levi how
 special it was to touch a big dog.


  1. Oh, such a sweet post! That's a great idea about the ice cream sundaes. I'll have to remember that for our next trip to CA to see the grands.

  2. Aw...what a fun time! haha...I'd try to eat twelve cherries, too! :)

  3. Now I want some ice cream too. Your grands are so cute.

  4. So fun!! Love Levi squirting his mouth.

  5. What wonderful photos and it looks like a fantastic weekend was had by all.. What a blessing the children are :)

  6. Christine, I cannot believe how much these two are growing! It seems like only yesterday Lulu was a cute little toddler and Levi had just made his appearance in this world. How quickly time flies. They are just precious... but, I know you KNOW that!! I am so happy that you can enjoy Sundaes and Squirt Guns!! xoxo ~ tanna

  7. Memories! You are certainly adding them to your ever growing list!
    dee dee

  8. I love that you make so many sweet memories with your grand kids! What wonderful memories they will have!

  9. Some how I missed totally precious, totally precious!!! I hope for this one day also


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