Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Safe and Sound

How do I say this...  I am blessed to be alive, not hurt and home.

Monday, Sept.10th, I spent the day holding our newest grandson, baby Trey.
It was Todd's first day back to work since having Trey.
Stephanie was going to be home, alone, for the first time.
I remember when Tom went back to work. I was scared. So, I offered to stay with Stephanie for the day. She was delighted, so was Todd.
Great day! Hugged and kissed Trey all day. I think he now has a bald spot on his head. Stayed until after dinner.

I remember looking at the clock in my car and saying to myself, I should be home by 8:30 PM. I took the freeway into Seattle. I was looking at the absolutely beautiful skyline, with all the lights. THEN... I looked up and saw red lights ahead of me! The whole freeway was stopping. That's four, maybe five lanes of traffic.
I never tailgate and had plenty of time to stop. Tom taught me to pump my brake lights to warn the cars behind me I was stopping, which I did. The car behind me must of seen my lights because he slowed down and was a safe distance. Looking forward, I was OK. Then I looked in the rear view mirror.
It was like a movie!

The car behind me had stopped. The white van behind him didn't! It crashed into him.
The van went up the back of the car, into the wall-divide (I thought it was going to go into the on coming traffic) and was coming down in front of the hit car, towards me. I had room to move forward a bit but if I got any closer to the car in front of me, I was afraid I'd hit him. So I stayed and prayed.

I remember the awful sound, seeing the van go up and over the car. I remember getting ready for an impact of some sort (debris or even the van).
I also remember the feeling of an soft impact, a sort of air pressure or force. I don't know how to describe it.
I truly believe God and His Angels, were there for me. The pressure was like a cushion between me and the on coming van. The van stopped before it could hit or even bump me! Smoke was coming from the other car's impact. I sat there and THANKED GOD! He had saved me from any harm.

After a long five minutes, all four or five lanes of traffic started to move, except the ones behind me. As I drove, I couldn't see why we all stopped. There wasn't an accident ahead of us to cause the traffic to stop.

I was shaking all the way home.
I got home around 8:45 PM, safe and sound.


  1. wow. Glad to hear you're safe and okay. Things can happen so fast. God was really watching out for you - yesterday.

    Love you.

  2. Christine,
    I'm just reading this thinking how awesome our GOD is that he knows each and every situation and how the outcome will look. He truly craddled you and got you out before anything happened. God is good! God is mighty!

    Glad your ok safe and sound.


  3. Oh my what a story! God had His angels surrounding your car for sure. So glad you are safe and sound. We serve such an awesome God!

  4. God is so good! Christine, I am so thankful that you are home and safe.
    dee dee

  5. I'm so thankful that you are unscathed to kiss the hair off the head of your grandchildren all the more! I Praise the Lord for your safety! Deb

  6. WHAT A STORY! Glad you're OK. I'm sure you'll be reliving this one in your head for a while.

  7. Wow! I could "feel" your fear as I read this post. You are sooooo incredibly blessed to drive away and what an awful experience for you.

  8. Christine, sorry to hear you had to be in that spot, at that time and I am glad to hear you are safe. Hugs to you this evening! Judy

  9. So glad you are safe and sound as well! His angels are watching over us.

  10. Breathe . . .
    and be then be thankful for happy endings.

  11. Oh my...thanks so much for sharing this story as it reminds me that He holds us all in His hands...so glad you are okay

  12. You inspired me again. Visits here always do. You remind me so often of God's care, provision, and love for us. What a story! So quickly events in life can change. I am so happy for your positive ending, and for that precious little one that you get to love over and over again.

  13. Love to hear those amazing God stories. How precious. And we so thankful you are safe, m'dear Christine.

    Hugs aplenty.....

  14. So thankful you are safe and sound! God was definitely watching over you!

  15. Oh my goodness thats absolutely terrifying! I'm so glad you're alright!


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