Friday, September 14, 2012

Here We Go/Grow Again!

This is the house right next door to us.
It has been abandoned for several years.
We just learned that it is coming down!

Yup, it came down, alright.
They are planning on building a three story,
Fourplex, in it's place.

 These next pictures are views
 from our front yard.




These pictures were taken from the back of the house.

Looks like I will be documenting
 another building going up.

Remember the movie UP or the book
 The Little House?
That's us, alright!


  1. Oh girl I was thinking about UP before you mentioned stand strong!! Oh my!

  2. I love watching buildings go up. But will you be able to see anything or get any sunshine once you're surrounded by tall buildings?

  3. I think I shall start a contest for guessing the date of how long you can outlast these high rises all around you. I am hoping your property value is increases after each "addition". Just sayin.

  4. Oh my goodness, you remember big is not always better! I bet many of your neighbors look down on your little cottage and hope someday they will have one of their own with a white picket fence and pretty flowers blooming in the yard like yours.
    This should be interesting to watch

  5. Oh Christine....
    How funny.... but I keep thinking that your cottage is such an mission field!
    Dee Dee

  6. Just think. Your charming home will be the one that the new tenants see every day and will say to themselves....I wish that was my home. Isn't it adorable.

  7. It does look like the little house in UP! There sure has been a lot going on around your house! :)

  8. My goodness, I sure hope your little cottage (which is charming by the way) is an island of peace in the middle of all that chaos.

  9. Big is not always better. Your quaint little cottage offers more beauty and character than the big buildings surrounding it. But, you may make some special new friends through it all. Knowing you, I am sure of that.


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