Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here We Go/ Grow Again : part ll

 The fire alarm went off in 
an apartment building close by.
Kimmy and I took the kids
to see all the excitement.

Actually, there wasn't a fire.
Someone was sanding and it set the alarm off.

"Hey, Mr. Fireman, can I have one more hat, please?
My mommy is having a baby and if it's a boy,
I want to give him a fire hat."

 "Thank You!"
Kimmy and Mark will be adding
one more little cute face
to this picture.
Sometime in April!



  1. HEY! I read that on her blog this morning. Didn't want to say anything in case she was breaking the news to you on her post! :D
    Congrats, fellow grandmother!

  2. Well congratulations! The family, and the neighborhood, is growing!

    Love those firemen! (wink, wink)

  3. Oh how fun! So many blessing are abounding in your life! God is good!
    dee dee

  4. Congrats grandma! And to Kimmy and Mark too. Your world keeps getting bigger and bigger. How cute your grandkids are!

  5. I did a double take on that...and read it again! HAHA.. Aw...the more the merrier! And Trey will need more cousins! :)

  6. What a fun way to let us all know about another special addition to your family. She will look at fire engines in a different light now. So cute!


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