Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Not All Work

The floor coverings have arrived!
Actually, these carpets are for the first building,
down the road.
That building is about two months ahead of the
apartment building across from us.


It was fun to watch the fork lift driver 
 do his job,
 lifting the carpet through the open windows.

When the construction company has
100 days, accident free,
they put on a luncheon.
Well, I'm sure they don't call it a luncheon.
Maybe picnic or just plain lunch.
Anyway, it was a BBQ!
This is me trying to take a "candid shot"
They all know who I am.
Who am I kidding here?


This is my favorite part of each day!
At 10:00 AM
this food van pulls up,
honks it's cute musical horn and is open for business.

This gentleman was so happy to show me all
the food he sells to the workers
(or anyone walking by).
He is from Vietnam.
If you look carefully,
you can see his wife working in the background.

 I like this picture because you can see some of the "guys"
 and the vender is still posing!

Oh look what just arrived!
The decks!

If you haven't been following
the building process,
you can click here and here to catch up.


  1. Oh, how fun! Love the little food truck and the cute couple that have it! I think that would be a fun job. There is a couple that runs one at the auctions where I work.

    How fun that they all know you! :)

  2. Well of course they know you. How fun to be in on the building project. I hope that some days you take advantage of that food truck. They look to be sweet people. He looks so proud of his little lunch truck.

  3. Well I am not sure you are excited about this new building or not...but you have to admit, it is giving you something to watch!!!

    As a mom of a home builder and father a civil engineer...well I would be watching it all also...I love walking through buildings and homes under construction.

    Fun post!!

  4. I have a special interest in watching these buildings being built. I remember those safety luncheons and the importance of saftey throughout the building process. Construction has been a part of my life ever since I have been born. Now my son-in-law will soon be graduating from college with a degree in construction management. So now you understand how much I am enjoying these posts.

  5. We had Vietnamese food last night here in Bangkok. A soupy concoction with a variety of meats?? The kids liked it, me not so much. I just stuck with the traditiional fried rice.

    Flying to Cambodia tomorrow.


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