Sunday, September 23, 2012

Green Egg and a Ham

 Our son, Todd, has chickens and occasionally gives us eggs.
We even had an egg with two yolks.
Todd knows how much Levi
 loves hard boiled eggs.
So he gave Levi a Green egg!

 Green egg and a Ham

One happy boy!


  1. Hi Christine!
    I love the new photo on your blog!
    In regards to your comment, yes the Ants are gone, yippee.

    How is your weekend?!


  2. He has the most precious, happy little face. All your grands do! That's because they have wonderful family!

  3. How cute! What a great thing for Todd to do.

  4. Oh I can precious. We also had green eggs, pink eggs and tan eggs this morning and Benjamin just had so much fun with them. Our friends have chickens in their backyard, so they gave us 18 eggs and the colors of the eggs are so much fun.

    This is too cute...enjoy that little guy!

  5. Levi is just the sweetest! Looks like he enjoyed his "green" egg!
    Uncle Todd rocks!
    dee dee

  6. Hi Christine, So very precious-life is grand with grands! Have a great day.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. He makes me smile and laugh so much! Yes a HAM!

  8. You win the cutest blog post award of the week. Love the title, love the content. That kid is just a cutie pie, too.

  9. Levi is so cute with his toothy grin!
    There is just no comparison between
    store boughten eggs and home grown, is there?

  10. Home grown eggs provide many lessons for our little ones, but green eggs will never be forgotten. What a cute little guy!

    Your new banner picture is beautiful!

  11. That header photo is beautiful! Yep, one happy boy. It sure doesn't take much to make the kids happy :)


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