Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Following The Leader

 "Hey follow me!"

 down one street...

 down another...


 He stopped!

just opened.

mmmmm, Apple Fritter

 Old Fashion with Cinnamon and Sugar

 I shared!

 Tom wanted more.

"Hey, keep following me."

You bet I will!


  1. That is just toooooooooooo cute...what an example of I won't be following my hubby this morning, but I am going to pull out the bikes and go ride with Benjamin...keep enjoying your time!

  2. What a fun ride! And toes fritters look delish!

  3. That hubby of yours knows where to go. Keep following him. He might lead you to other great places.

  4. apple all time favorite! Mmmmm.

    what a fun little trip!

  5. LOVE the photo of Tom with all the donut boxes. Now that should be used in their advertising!

    Can you believe I can't stand donuts? I know, people think I'm nuts. My dad told me that my mom gained 50 pounds when she was pregnant with me because she craved Hot Buttered Donuts. Sure makes me wonder :)

  6. Please tell Tom to save me a piece next time! Bike rides to donuts... can't get much better than that!
    dee dee

  7. This one just made me giggle! I believe I will follow Tom too. How long you think it will take him to get to Georgia??

  8. Christine you and your hubby are so cute! Love your post when you share the adventures on bikes and where they take you guys!

    Have a great rest of the week.


  9. I am picturing you passing out those donuts to construction crews and wondering if any were white-creme filled with chocolate frosting. I'll keep following.


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