Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Song Sparrow Treasures

 Original Art Greeting Card, Set of 5
"Autumn Theme"

 My order came!

 Betsy, over at My Five Men blog,
is very talented, in so many ways.
So talented, that she started an Esty shop with her original art work.
She also has some other wonderful, unique items in her shop.
 I was smitten with her artwork.

I call her Dr. Doolittle because of her love for cats, birds, rabbits or any animal that comes into her yard.
Betsy has a passion for life and 
humor plays a big part of it.
She sees beauty in everyday things, things that some of us take for granted.
I am excited for her new adventure.

This is on back of each card.
No detail is overlooked.

Check out Betsy's blog.
Check out Betsy's Esty shop,

You won't be disappointed with either!


  1. Thank you for introducing me to another beautiful and creative blog. The cards are so well done and she has an eye for photography too. I like the detail on her cards.

  2. YOU, dear, are just too sweet! Thanks for not only buying my cards, but posting about them, too! :) You've made my day! xo

  3. Oh goodness! She did all that artwork herself? That's really beautiful!

    I can't draw a circle without tracing a plate. I'm so impressed with those who had the gift of art.

  4. Betsy is really talented!
    Who wouldn't want to receive one of her lovely cards?

  5. Oh those are great...what great Christmas gifts also..thanks for sharing

  6. Beautiful cards. I am going to check her out.

  7. Christine,
    You my dear are super sweet, super kind, super lovely, a super beautiful daughter of our King! Thanks for sharing Betsy's fun cards with us!
    dee dee


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