Monday, December 10, 2012

First Road Trip to Boise

~Lucy On My Lap~

Tom and I took our first "Road Trip" to Boise.
It's about a 10 hour drive,
 depending on which way you go.
One way it's shorter but
has a lot of snow that covers the mountain passes.
The other way is longer.
 It has several mountain passes without a lot of snow.
Our car now has studded tires,
new window wipers and anti-freeze.

We are going to see Kimmy, Mark,
Lulu, Levi and Ila May!!

Car packed with our Christmas packages.
Car packed with my homemade goodies
 and famous banana bread.
Car packed with familiar kid toys and books.
Car packed with our dog, Lucy.
Car packed with two, really excited grandparents.

Beautiful drive.
Lots of straight a-ways that go on and on.
We decided to spend the night in Pendleton, Oregon.
We (me) didn't want to drive the curvy roads of
the Oregon mountain passes, after dark.

So, we did a little Christmas shopping 

 Lucy enjoyed the night all wrapped up on the big bed.

This sign got me really happy!
The excitement was starting to build.

We were welcomed with our own personal signs.
They didn't want us to miss the turn.

How cute is this!

~First Sighting~

After this picture, I needed to give out hugs and kisses.
So no pictures of the 
best welcome I've ever had!

~Their front door~

We felt so special
with a greeting like this!

(more to come)


  1. GREAT pictures of the trip - and what a welcome! Good for you and Papa.

    The LOC and I hit the road for So. Calif. (about a 10 hour trip) early tomorrow morning. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Awww....very sweet and fun!!!

    Hey...I got my Susan Branch Calendar! Big Lots still had them! yippee!

  3. So glad you made it safely!
    Enjoy your visit.

  4. How fun! Enjoy your visit with your family and grand kids! :)

  5. Hope you have a wonderful visit!

  6. How exciting! Enjoy your time with everyone.

  7. A perfect journey. Make some wonderful memories!

  8. Your daughter wins the award for best daughter..those signs are just tooooooooooo precious
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...fill your heart to overflowing!

  9. Oh my goodness those signs are too much! How precious !!.. And Lucy well, she's just too adorable for words. I don't blame you for not wanting to drive those passes at night, I would have done the same thing.. Enjoy your family!
    Robyn :)

  10. Grammy Goo, you have given me the BIGGEST smile on my face right now! I hope you are having the time of your lives.

    And I just know that that "real in the flesh" cup of coffee that your Kimmy had with you is the best one she's had in a while. Who got to use the cup?

  11. I'm so happy for ya! How wonderful to feel those little arms around your neck again. (just had a little of that myself the last two days) We used to drive over 12 hours to visit one of my daughters and found a lot to do on the way. She's only 3 1/2 away now and boy am I glad! We go much more often. You have some nice scenery on your trip. Merry Christmas Christine!

  12. What a journey! So happy that you were able to spend this time with Kimmy and her beautiful family!
    dee dee

  13. Oh, Christine! Happy belated birthday... and big hugs on having to leave your precious ones and head home... It is a 16 hour drive to the Little Men... I know just how it feels. Soooo glad you were able to enjoy such a wonderful visit and congratulations on another on the way!!!! Yay! Sending hugs and blessings ~ tanna
    ps my GPS is named Iris. LOL! ;)


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