Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Celebrating My Birthday in Boise

Lulu (5 1/2 yrs),
has been decorating my 
birthday cake for several years.

Here's Lulu when she was 3 years old,
working on my birthday cake.

Once again, she did a fabulous job!

It was Lulu's idea to use the single candle for the ONE
because they ran out of the block, number one.
She also picked out all the decorations.

It's been a log standing tradition to have
 birthday cake, ice cream and presents 
for breakfast
This day was no exception.

 For my birthday dinner, we went to Chic-fil-A.
It was my first time there. 
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus were on hand for pictures.

Some of my favorite  pictures:

Ila May in her car seat.

Special moment between the two of us.

Lulu on Mrs. Claus's lap.
(Not a big fan of Santa)

Levi ran to sit on Santa's lap.

Our little girl,
 who is due with her 4th child,
 in May.


  1. You are blessed! Happy Birthday!'re precious gifts! ;) Each and every one.

  2. Lulu is so cute at 3! Wow how time needs to slow down!!! We had a great time with you both visiting. I love and miss you.

  3. How Wonderful! Your birthday cake turned out so cute! I am so glad you were able to spend your birthday with your kids and grand kids! :)

  4. Fun, fun! I wish I'd grown up with the cake for breakfast tradition! How fun!

    Cute photos! Now are you sure Kimmy isn't due til May? That tummy looks like a sooner due date or more than one baby! ha.

  5. I was seriously impressed by how good that cake looked! She did an awesome job.

    Glad you get to enjoy your birthday with your babies!!!

  6. What a nice birthday you had! Lulu decorating your cake is just too cute.

  7. These pictures are so cute! I like that your granddaughter has been decorating your special! It looked good! She may go into the business someday.

    I can't believe your daughter is having her forth baby. What a wonderful family you have!

  8. Lulu did a fabulous job on your Birthday cake!
    dee dee


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