Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leaving Boise and a Big Part of My Heart

It was hard to leave 
all those sweet faces.

We will be back and soon!

Long ride home but it gave us time to 
recover and plan our next trip.

Oh yea, that's snow.


Now, this part of the post is a funny story.
(At least it was for us.)

Todd (son) and Stephanie gave me this GPS 
for my birthday. 
We practiced using it all the way down and back home.
We now are very proficient.

I like to give names to things, like rooms in our home, my car, etc.
Well, I named my GPS, Daisy.

When we were looking for a place to stop, rest or 
eat, we would pulled it up on Daisy.
Daisy would take us to the front door of any 
and everything we were looking for.
No more wondering where to go or going the wrong way.
No more stopping to ask for directions or guessing.

Tom calls this a marriage saver!
So he renamed the GPS,
 Miss Johnson,
the Marriage Counselor.

 Tom wants to give out GPS's as wedding gifts.



  1. I'm laughing my buns off!!! This is hilarious. Not the leaving of course but the marriage saver. I hear you on that one. I'm thinking I need this on my list :)

  2. Yes, you will be back soon! So glad you went and had a great time!

    Those GPS thingys are great...I can't believe how great! Daisy Johnson, huh. I don't think we ever named ours! lol.....

  3. I had to chuckle. I love my GPS but I never named it. Maybe I should. And yes, it does save my sanity when driving with my husband.

  4. haha Yeah I think our
    GPS has helped our marriage.

  5. I think giving a GPS as a wedding gift is a great idea. I like both of the names you chose for your new friend, and I am still smiling from your story. WE certainly have been saved alot since our GPS has come on the scene. We are happier traveling together now.

  6. Our GPS was named Lola!
    dee dee

  7. Ours is Mandy. She's a life saver for sure. You'll soon wonder how you made it without her.

  8. Ours is Mandy. She's a life saver for sure. You'll soon wonder how you made it without her.

  9. So glad you had a great visit and a good safe trip back home with your little helper And your GPS! :D We like that too. Handyman is nuts for electronics. It takes his mind off my driving!

  10. I love our GPS also! It truly is a marriage saver! Hope your next trip to Boise isn't too far off! :)

  11. Good thing you heart has many "parts" to go around.

  12. Hi Christine,
    lol that was funny!
    Thanks for sharing it.

    and yeah..i know i have been quiet for too long...but wanted to let you know that i am alive and well lol and enjoyed reading about the GPS Marriage Counselor.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  13. Giggling about giving them as wedding gifts. I totally get that.

    My GPS is named gypsy, but I like to call it Dumbo's feather too. It gives me confidence to fly.


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