Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Mother!!

(picture overlooking Boise, ID)

I want to wish my mom Chris a Happy Birthday today!!!!  She doesn't know I'm posting this because she's visiting us here in Boise, ID and didn't bring her lap top.  So when she gets home she will see this.  

Mother, I love you.  You are such an amazing mom, grandma and wife!  I'm so blessed to not just have you as my mom but also my best friend.  XOXOXO...
Love Kimmy


  1. What a sweet post. And how surprised you must be, Chris, to see this when you get on your blog.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Christine, happy happy happy birthday!!

    Kimmy I feel like I know you after following your mom all these years. You are such a wonderful daughter to have this special post for your mom.

  3. First you are a precious daughter and you have learned well from your precious mother.

    Happy Birthday...enjoy your visit with your grands and thanks for letting us share parts of your life...I wish you the best this new year!!

  4. Hmmm . . . .
    I am reminded that only 8 days separates our births.

    Wishing you a continued journey of changes, friendships and joy.

  5. Aww...happy, happy day!

    I KNOW you soaked up every minute of your grands during that visit. Your smile just couldn't get any bigger in that photo. You also look like you're grip is pretty tight on their hands! lol. Too cute.

  6. Happy Birthday to Christine!
    She is an amazing lady, for sure.
    And you are blessed to have her as a mother, but I'm sure she's equally blessed by you as a daughter!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday my dear friend Christine! I pray this trip to Kimmys and Marks will be chocked full of blessings, memories and joy!
    dee dee

  8. What a great post!.. Happy Belated birthday. I hope it was a wonderful day! :)


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