Thursday, December 6, 2012


So where do you get  your 
Christmas Tree?

Do you take a day and drive for miles to chop it down?

 Or do you drive to the nearest local tree lot?

Have you ever rented a tree?

We are on the hunt!


  1. We used to go to a tree lot when we had a real tree. Now ours is fake, but beautiful. And so much cheaper and easier to use.

  2. Yes, we've crossed over to the fake side. Easy and no mess but it's still not the same as a real tree with that real Christmas smell. We hunt for our tree in the storage closet :)

  3. I send Handyman up to the attic to get ours. We have a very real looking 9 footer that takes up the bay window area in the dining room. The deal is, I'll decorate it if someone will put it up and take it back to the attic when we're finished. There was a reprieve this year; we are having no tree. Going away! Now I want to know what you decided and see pics of said tree. :D
    Hugs, Debbie


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