Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Intentional Giving

Intentional Giving for Twenty Nine Days

This Friday, March 1st, I plan on giving intentionally for 29 days.
I will end my "official", intentional giving on Good Friday.

I was going to do it privately, but then I thought YOU
might want to think about doing something like this, too.

 To really make it intentional giving, 
I have some ideas planned for what I will be giving
and who will be receiving them.
Of course, there will be times that it will be
 "spur of the moment" giving.

True giving comes in so many ways.
I need to be creative but still thoughtful,
while watching the old wallet.

I will report back on how and what I am have done.

To learn more about what it is I am doing, just click HERE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ** ~ ~ ~ ~

And what's a post without a photo?
Here's one for ya.
Coffee at Victors - #5, the other day.


  1. Good for you! Keep us up on that. You could give all your followers coffee gift cards. :) Hey, I liked your star and just didn't ever get around to telling you. You deserve a star!

  2. I read on another blog their 29 Days of Giving...SO FUN! She had the best creative ideas and I know her heart was blessed along with those that were on the receiving end. What a neat idea. Can't wait to see what you do. Your feeding of the construction crew came to mind...that would be a great one for a list.

  3. Thanks Betsy! Yes that's a good one and that is one I had in mind!
    You know what they say....

  4. What fun. I love this idea.

    You know? You can count one down, already! You're such an encourager and for all the encouraging comments you send my way... I sure do appreciate it. Each one is a dear gift. ;)

  5. You are an amazing lady, Christine. A constant inspiration. Thank you.

  6. Christine
    That is one big coffee mug and you look like you were able to down it
    I'll be checking back to hear about you 29 days of giving, to see what yoou come up with!

  7. I can't believe you're doing this because I have done this before, and I was just thinking that I wanted to do it again. I am so distracted and busy these days, and that particular "cure" has worked to reinvigorate me in the past. I don't know if I'll be ready to start tomorrow, though. I had been thinking about doing it as a celebration when the Incredible Ever Expanding Kitchen Project is finally done.

    Please share some of your giving adventures. I am always looking for ideas.

  8. Isn't that just like you to be so thoughtful. You are my inspiration as I am often a "Vista Woman wanna be". I will be checking back for updates - good luck.

  9. Oh Christine! You are a giver by nature and it shows/feels at every turn in your blog posts and relationships. You are loved.

  10. Wow this is an awesome idea.. I don't know if I could afford it but I"m goin to look around the site you suggested.. LOVE the photo :)

  11. This is wonderful. I have been thinking lately about the random acts of kindness and paying it forward. Can't wait to see who you will be Blessing over this next month! :)

  12. Inspirational again....thanks for spurring me on


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