Monday, February 25, 2013


There are 2,400 five points stars on the 
Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The stars are permanent public monuments to achievement
 in the entertainment industry, 
bearing the names of a mix of actors.

I was playing around on Redkid.
Click on the site and have fun!


  1. You're a star in my book, Christine!

  2. I want to play and create a star for me, too. I'm such a drama queen that I SURELY deserve it.

  3. How fun is Redkid! Love your star...You are now famous! :)

  4. I continue to learn from you. What a fun site! I feel famous just knowing you now:)

  5. You don't need a star to be a star, girlfriend, but how cute is that. The Man and I traversed over a few stars during our West Coast trip. I noted that some of the "stars" had unhappy endings to their lives, so I guess having a permanent star didn't make much difference, did it?


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