Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wednesday, Trey Day

Every Wednesday 
I take care of our grandson, Trey.
This has been so much fun.
Today, it was exciting, too!

Todd and Stephanie have chickens.
I usually don't think much about them, other then 
to hear them when they are just about to lay an egg.
They get real noisy. 

Today, the mailman told me that I had chickens on the loose!
Good Grief!
They were in the neighbors yard.

When Trey was down for a nap,
 my mission was to capture the two runaways.
Sounds easy, but it wasn't!

I hate the feel of fur and feathers!
I call it Furry Phobia.

 Time was of the essence to capture these girls.
I "bucked it up". 
Grabbing each, one by one,  
then flopped them over the fence.

Todd is in the process of building a fenced yard
 for all seven of his chickens.
Where did they go?

 They all were at my feet!
Now they think I'm their Play Buddy.
Not a chance!
Let's count.
 Yup, all were back home.
(one is just out of the picture)

 My reward... 
 a Skype date with ALL of our grandchildren!

I love this picture.
All of them are looking at me!



  1. feather phobia. hahaha. I wish you had a video of you 'flopping' them over the fence. Maybe a neighbor caught it on film. lol.....

  2. HA! Feather phobia made me laugh. I'd have chicken phobia, I'm afraid. Proud of you for "bucking up." Sometimes we have to do what we have to do, huh? As Betsy said, that might have won some money if it was video taped. :)

    Such sweet grandbabies!

  3. Christine
    You are so brave! I'm not sure I would've had it in me to pick up a chicken-I'm such a wimp..
    The g'kids all look so adorable. We come such a long way in communicating-yeh!

  4. Girl, my hat's off to you! Catching a chicken is not an easy thing to do even if you don't have a phobia! Woo hoo!

    LOVE that sweet Skype session. I'd hate to think how life would be without it. :) blessings ~ tanna

  5. How funny, I'm always afraid they will peck me. Glad his neighbor has no mean dog. Trey looks like his cousins, doesn't he? They are all so precious. Yes, we have SKYPEing too, and aren't we thankful!?? You SKYPE girl!

  6. I just have a picture in my mind of you running around after these chickens and then having your eyes squeezed shut trying to throw them over the fence as fast as you could because of your phobia. Ha, ha, ha. Your reward for your bravery was a session with all of your sweet grandbabies.

  7. If I laugh, will you forgive me?

    I have an image in my head, and it's oh so funny...

  8. Oh my... what a day! Glad you got the chickens all back home! :)

    I am so grateful for sure is hard having grandchildren so far away.

  9. Oh my gosh thats so funny!.. When we had our chickens I was like you,they were my husbands . I didn't pay attention to them much, an definitely didn't touch them..and no chickens are NOT easy to catch. I've seen my husband fall on his butt more than once when he would try and catch them to cut their wings.. Not easy no, but funny? YES!. LOL.. Your grandchildren are so beautiful.. Blessed woman you surely are :)

    PS. If you have some time can you help me out? Could you drop by my blog real quick and leave your thoughts on my latest post about Blogging Etiquette? Im trying to get some insight from much more seasoned bloggers than myself. Thanks so much :)

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  11. This is so funny Christine, been ther done this, Chickens on the loose are something else to deal with! LOL
    What in the world did we do before technology such as Skype! Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Soooooo funny! Grands are perfect aren't they, just perfect.

  13. Chickens can be a little feisty so brave you for going after them. We just got skype set up and isn't it so much fun!

  14. Oh Christine, I can so relate to this post and believe me, I am still smiling. Our oldest daughter and son-in-law have chickens too and I just do not know if I would be able to rescue them if they got out. I admire you so much! What a fun post!

  15. You are the best chicken catcher in the world! Todd signed for bird today and said, "do you hear the bird" and trey pointed to his ear! We are so lucky to have you every Wednesday. IT MEANS THE WORLD. love you!


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