Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ready for #5

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My bags are packed and I'm ready to GO!

Our daughter is in her "window" and I will be driving over to Boise, soon!
Kimmy is having her fourth child and it's a boy.
Click here to see the moment they found out.

What do I take for my ten day stay?
Craft projects -check
Computer - check
Camera - check
Clothes - check
Books - check
Phone - check
Gifts - check
Can you think of anything else I should bring?

Kimmy will call us when she knows she is in labor.
I'm praying that I will be there for the birth.
(It's a 8 1/2 hour drive.)
If not, well, God knows what is best.
All I know, is it's still so exciting for us to have another grandchild!
If you are counting, this will be
grandchild #5, for Tom and me!

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  1. Hi Christine,
    I'm been checking in daily, as your daughter was due the same time as one of my niece's. My niece had the baby two weeks ago. It's so exciting isn't it.
    Travel safe and we can't wait to see your pics.

    Hugs, Viola

  2. Christine, I LOVE the pictures you used in this post. You forgot your dark chocolate! :D I so hope all goes well and you'll get there in time. I'm hoping for many more grandchildren too. THey are SOOOO fun!
    Yes, Seattle is on my wish list!

    1. I knew I forgot something. CHOCOLATE!
      Great idea.

  3. Just bring two big old loving grandma arms for cuddling, and you're good to go! I'm so happy and excited for you. I hope to BE you one day~

  4. You'll be fine...

    Sounds like you're raring, ready to go!!

    Be safe..


    1. I am so bags are in my car right now.

  5. How exciting! Have a safe trip and I'm looking forward to those pictures!

  6. OH it is exciting!! Have a safe trip and let us know how everyone is when you can

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  8. I can't imagine the excitement and anticipation!!! Hope you have a second to post that you're leaving so we know and can pray you there!

    Love the cute. I think you 've thought of everything!

    1. Yes, I'll let ya'll know when I leave.
      Thanks ahead of time for the prayers.


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