Monday, July 15, 2013

Derby Days

Derby Days is our town's Summer Celebration.
Years ago it started with a bike race around 
the lake between two paperboys.
Spectators wrote down their guesses
 at what the winning time might be.
Closest guess won $25.

Today, it is a city wide celebration.
Parades, Rides, Food, Music, 
5K race Pancake Breakfast and of course
The Criterium. 
Which is a race held on a short course, 
about a mile, on a closed-off city streets.

 ~Redmond Reporter~

~Redmond Historical Society ~

 Not to be out done, Tom and I took to our bikes.
We rode to the center of town and enjoyed dinner and 
evening with friends, listening to music.

 We had to stop by the rides!


There was something to do  for ALL ages.

 We sat in the Beer & Wine Garden
and listened to music.

Heading back home before it got dark.
Until next year...


  1. What fun you had for the day.

  2. Hi Christine...such a fun time! I hope that you have a wonderful week! Blessings ♥ Teri

  3. Hi Christine,
    That all looks like alot of fun.

    Have a great week.


  4. Wish Daisy, my bike, and I could have been there to tag along with you two!! So fun! blessings ~ tanna

  5. Oh it looks like a fun day, Christine.
    Good music, good friends, good foods and a nice bike ride-what more could you ask for?

  6. I sure do enjoy sharing in all of your city adventures.

  7. Fun, fun times! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! :)

  8. What a fun festival. It sure beats the one our town puts on!

  9. Looks like such a fun time! I'm glad you and Tom got to be a part of it.

  10. I love that you carve out time for fun events with Tom {and friends}. A good stage of our lives wouldn't you say?

  11. This sounds so fun!

    BTW, you and Tom are such an inspiration to me that we are getting new to us bikes to ride. We have a tandem, but I can't ride that without a partner. We pulled the old bikes that the Duchess and my dad used to ride and are going to use them. That way, I can ride solo if I want.

    Of course, it has rained nearly every day since, but I'm a believer.

  12. What a wonderful time! Looks like a lot of fun to me! And how neat that it was close enough to ride your bikes!

  13. You two sure do know how to add fun to daily life. I like how you live in the center of it all, and you get to experience it all.


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