Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another Trey Day

Trey is our 11 month old grandson. 
He is our son's little boy.
I have the privilege and blessing of babysitting
 him every Wednesday, 
since he was two months old.

Wednesdays are known as "Trey Day".
We play, play, and play on Trey Day!

I have been teaching Trey American Sign Language.
Trey now knows several signs like,
 More, Dog, Cat, Bird, Eat, Drink and Listen.
He has been signing back to me and his parents!

This is a picture taken with Cooper, their dog.
 Trey was just a few weeks old.

This is today.
Cooper is the most patient, loving, understanding and 
caring dog in the world.
Trey loves to climb, back and forth, all over Cooper, .
Cooper loves the attention!

Thank you God,
for another play day on
Wednesday, Trey Day.


  1. Your family portrait at the top is stunning. You are so blessed to have little ones to draw pictures of you. I can't wait to see mine some day. Boy, that Trey is growin fast! Glad he has a good, gentle sidekick to enjoy boyhood with.

  2. What a good dog Cooper is. He is a great companion for Trey.

  3. Hi Christine...such adorable pictures! Oh, how you must look forward to each Wednesday ... as I am sure little Trey does as well! Blessings ♥ Teri

  4. Aw, your so blessed to be able to spend time with Trey.
    He's sure a cutie, Christine. and he must be a smartie too, learning sign language already.

  5. fun for you on Wednesdays! Love the pictures..can't believe he's going to be celebrating his first birthday soon!

  6. Precious! Precious! Precious!! I just can't believe how quickly they grow. Love that you are blessed with your Trey Days! hugs ~ tanna

  7. What a blessing you have on Wednesday. He is adorable.

  8. Oh how precious....I can not relate! He is just precious..enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, which I know you do. God is good.

  9. You are blessed, indeed. Trey is adorable.

  10. Oh my ... what a special day Wednesday is. Love, love the photos! And for him to be learning sign language is wonderful. I taught my daughter the "I love you" sign and it came in so handy through the years.

  11. You are the best grandma in the world! We are so grateful! XOXO


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