Monday, August 12, 2013

Another One Bites The Dust

This WAS the house next door to us, just last year.
It was vacant at that time 

Just a few years ago, this is where the Mayor lived.

Then one day the bulldozer came.

In a matter of minutes it was gone.

One year ago, this was our deck.
Sunny, wide open and dusty.

Then the builders came.

Up, Up, Up, the walls went.

And it kept going up.

Here is the street side view.

Today, this is the finished four, unit, condo that is up for sale.

Last Saturday they held an Open House.
It was a party atmosphere! 
There were about 100 people, that looked through the condos.
Free food, drinks and then....
 the Ice Cream truck rolled up with free ice cream!

Let's just say, that Tom and I were entertained ALL
afternoon, as we sat on our front porch.

We actually viewed condos and they are beautiful.
I was more curious about what the views were like,
(if you know what I mean).

Now I know what our neighbors see when they look 
out their window.

Well, readers....
This is the end of all the construction.
The apartments are finished.
Now, the condos are finished.
Life will be different.


  1. Different indeed! Nice that there is a need for housing, sad that everything is getting built up. It must have been very entertaining! I like the view of your cute little house from the condo.

  2. I love that you went and snooped out to see what The Little House looks like in their view.

    Don't you know that tons of people living the condo live imagine up stories about the couple who live in the little house and ride their bikes to get coffee? I would, anyway. You would be characters in the book in my head.

    I love your life.
    Have I said that recently?

  3. Makes me a little sad... so glad your Little Cottage is still standing strong among the giants. blessings ~ tanna

  4. Hope you gain nice neighbors, but I would rather have your cottage than the condos any day.

  5. I was wondering Christine. Did the company who put up all of the condos around you try to purchase your property to build on? Your little cottage is adorable... Hope you enjoy ALL of your new neighbors! :)

    1. We have had people ask about our property but nobody has been serious.
      We plan on staying here until God tells other wise.
      We have met several apartment dwellers and have had them over to enjoy our deck.
      We are such an oddity, people want to check us out!

  6. They see a beautiful love-filled home that they probably wish they had! :D Mentioned you in my blog, thanks so much for the sweet email.

  7. I adore your little cottage, right in the middle of it all.

  8. I personally would take the pretty, cozy and inviting cottage any day, to any of the condos. But, I think someday, they will all be so thankful that you two and your pretty cottage are in the midst of them. Life is so full of changes, isn't it?

  9. Dear Christine...such a charming little cottage that you have! Sweetest Blessings ♥ Teri


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