Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer's Check List

Like many of you, I made a 
Summer Check List.
The ten things I wanted to do before summer is over.

1. Go to an Outdoor Movie
2. Dinning alfresco at a restaurant, with a water view
3. Velodrome, bike races in the park
4. Marymoor bike ride
5. Visit the Lavender Farm
6. Festival or Parade
7. Derby Days - our town's celebration
8. Ferry Boat ride
9. Tour the condos next door.
10 Have our neighbors over to enjoy our porch.

I'm half way through my list. 
A few of them (red) will have to wait until next year because Tom still can't ride a bike or sit in a lawn chair.
(Tom had his hip replaced and is doing very well)

Back to my list.
We visited a Lavender Farm that is just down the road from us.
Absolutely beautiful!
(#5 was checked off my list)

Picked up a few gifts, also!


  1. Mmmmm, love the smell of lavender....thanks for the pictures and have a nice Monday!

  2. What a lovely place! I would have put that on my list, too! I bet the smell is incredible! I just bought a glade scented oil room freshener in lavender peach blossom. Not a great substitute for the lavender farm, but it will have to do. ha.

  3. That's a fun idea... make an actual checklist. I so love me some lavender... and ahh, good-night, sleep tight...zzzzz

  4. You are doing very well with your list, Christine. I'll bet that lavender farm smelled heavenly!! I've never seen a lavender field and I think that is going on my bucket list. ;) Glad Tom is continuing to do well!! blessings ~ tanna

  5. Hi, I'm bj from Sweet Nothings blog and not sure how I got here....but sure am glad I did.:)
    I am olden, a great-grandmother and love blogging more than anything.
    I think your list is awesome...I have one (in my mind) and haven't done much of it. We are in the process of trying to sell our house and can't concentrate on ANYthing else. :)
    Come by to see me soon...I'm linking to follow you.
    xo bj


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