Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Family Time, While Away

This is what I have been up to, lately.
Holding, loving, playing, and kissing our
five grandchildren.

Lulu - 6 years

Levi - almost 4 years

Ila May - 2 years

Trey - almost 1 year

Silas - 3 months

Yes, we sold our house (home), whew!
Yes, Tom got his hip replaced and is doing really well.
Yes, the Boise family came for 12 days and are safely back home.

More about the visit later......

You can visit Kimmy's blog, too.
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  1. I saw that precious photo on my side bar and my heart jumped with joy!! LOVE that you all have enjoyed this visit and that Tom is doing well after this THR. blessings ~ tanna

  2. Welcome back! You have been busy! Glad you had such a nice visit and that Tom is doing so well.

  3. So glad to read all your GOOD news! It's wonderful that you were able to sell the house. I have had terrible experience with house selling.

    Glad about the replacement, too. We can't keep you cycling love birds down.

    And of course... Those grandchildren are just flat adorable. I have always loved their names, too.

  4. I've missed you a lot, Christine...really! So glad all went well. God has been watching over you!

    wow...those huge lovely eyes at the end! :)

  5. Dear Christine...precious pictures! It sounds like all is well in your home! Blessings to you!


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