Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Visit - Chapter 2: Not All Play

Silas napping

          Washing Dishes                     Sweeping      
Grocery Shopping                    Raking

Ila May
She found a hole in the deck and dropped 
things into it. Her way of cleaning the deck.

Lulu writing a Thank You note
to her neighbor, who took care
of her cherished tomato plant.

Follow Up:
Lulu's tomatoes survived wind and hot weather. 
 Today, she is enjoying delicious, red, cherry tomatoes.


  1. Those pictures are darling! The kids had so much fun even doing chores.

  2. I love that picture of Lulu writing at that nice 'desk'. What a peaceful scene.

  3. Those are the cutest little workers I've ever seen!! Such good helpers! xoxo ~ tanna

  4. I am loving these posts. The memories made will last a lifetime for those babies.

  5. Oh, Christine...such sweet little helpers! I love the pictures!


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