Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall View

I opened our front door
  (that's our front door on the header)
on this warm, Fall afternoon and this is what I saw.

A huge spider's web that was lite up by the sunshine. 
But no spider.

Lucy basking in the warmth. I think she's smiling!

The tomato plant that has seen it's last few days.
 Still has some green fruit.


  1. That's a massive spider web! Lucy DOES look like she's smiling-bet she's enjoying the sun.

  2. I love your wreath! I need to get one on the door!
    That Lucy really does look like she's grinning! haha.
    So, you have Charlotte and her web? Careful...might turn into a zoo over there!

  3. Love the spider web! My friend Elyce loves webs and I've always wanted to "catch" one between glass for her. Your tomato plants are inspiring... just might have to try and grow some next summer... we just have so much wildlife on the property I'm not sure how they will do! Maybe if I grow them in pots next to the house????
    God is so good to grant us beautiful sunny mornings! Thank you for sharing your morning with us my friend! Tell Lucy I'm smiling with her!
    Dee Dee

  4. Thanks for coming by with your thick, black coffee. :))

    I am totally in LUV with your wreath. I might see if I can copy-cat it....so pretty.

  5. OK..I just pinned your pretty wreath. :)

  6. It all looks so inviting! Even the spider web adds delicate beauty.

    I agree, your wreath is exceptionally pretty!

  7. Elaine
    I like your door wreath. It looks like it's made from your own greenery. I can't place it though!
    It's rare to find a beautiful coweb-love it.

  8. Christine
    I know who you are-really!!!
    I had a friend on my mind.
    Please forgive me!

  9. Love and enjoy beautiful fall days! The web is so amazing.
    Blessings, Sue

  10. Isn't fall beautiful??? I love it...and we have been having some beautiful spider webs also!

  11. I love that spider web shot. Of all my phobias (and there are many) I don't have that one. (Would write out the phobia but I'm not sure how to spell it.) I think spider webs are gorgeous creations.

    And can I say that I LOVE your wreath?! That is so beautiful to me.

    I have been playing catch up on favorite blogs this morning and saw about the leg break. Commented there, but in case you don't check old posts, I wanted to tell you that I think she's such a cutie and obviously a little trooper. .

  12. Love your wreath! I know I have a fall wreath somewhere. Somewhere in the house. I think I have to find it and put it up.

    I have a massive spider web in my back yard. But mine has a spider in it. And a nasty brown recluse it is. Have to stay away from that one. (Poisonous)

    Lucy is so adorable. She does look like she's smiling.

    I didn't even bother planting tomatoes this year. Last year I didn't get any but the groundhog sure did.

  13. That little spider left you the gift of early Halloween decorations! ;) Beautiful fall views. blessings ~ tanna

  14. You take such great photos MA!

  15. It looks like Fall really has headed your way. The spider web shot it very cool! Enjoy the beautiful colors!


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