Monday, September 28, 2015

Trip - Part 3

Trailer living is great but
three and a half weeks is
a bit much.

Tom and I made the best of 
the situation, in our true form.
We ended up having a lot of fun,
and on top of that,
 being with our grand kids. 

The Penny Lane Condo
doesn't have a washer and dryer.
So, here we are at the laundromat! 

Don't feel bad for us. There are several 
Starbucks within walking distance!
We didn't have TV or WiFi.
Again, don't feel sorry for us.

To watch our beloved Seahawks, we
dropped in at the local hotel.
We had front row seats.

This hotel also has free WiFi,
So, Tom would sip on a cup of coffee,
 while sitting in the lobby to 
catch up on his emails
My favorite place in the whole, wide world 
is Carillon Point, in Kirkland Washington.
It's a must for me, when we visit.
Especially, on such a beautiful day like the one we had.

My friends helped us out so much!
Anita let me read from her library.
(I stayed up really, late one night because
 I couldn't stop reading!)
Another friend had us over for dinner.

We brought along our bikes.
Pure joy to be riding on the bike paths
 and the streets
of Redmond, again.

Tom bought us tickets 
to an outdoor concert.
We didn't know if we would be going,
 but baby Scarlett arrived a day before the event.

Tom likes to arrive early and people watch, 
while reading the newspaper.
I on the other hand, enjoy the leisurely, 
four miles, bike ride on the trail.
I usually arrive just in time to enter into the venue.
(We saw Mark Knopfler)

Our last day in Redmond,
 we cleaned out our teen, tiny refrigerator.

Oh No!
What do we do for food?

We go have the world's best clam chowder!
Waterfront views, a beautiful sunset, and a big, hot,
 bowl of clam chowder.

The only thing better is.....

holding Scarlett and

being with Trey!!

to be continued...
(a surprise ending)


Got home in time to harvest
the rest of the tomatoes
and cucumbers -mmmm

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans."

Proverbs 16:3


  1. Congratulations on your new little grandchild. She is a beauty. It looks like you had a wonderful trip.

  2. Well, that sounds just about perfect!
    I don't feel sorry for you at all! hahaha....

  3. I know you enjoyed seeing your friends and family even if you did have to stay in a tiny trailer. Can't wait for your surprise ending

  4. Hello, I loved catching up and seeing the pictures! What a sweet little one! Everything sounded wonderful and I know you both loved it all! Hugs and congratulations...

  5. Oh, I had to get caught up on all your adventures! It sounds like you had a marvelous time. Congratulations on your new granddaughter! She is absolutely beautiful and I am in love with her name. Big brother is an adorable doll as well. :-)

  6. It all sounds like a grand time, Christine!

  7. Christine and Tom, I enjoy reading about your adventures and family. Looks like a lot of fun.

    Thank you for sharing with us as well.


  8. Look at those grands, just too precious

  9. I loved catching up with you, Christine. Always so interesting, what you and Tom are up to.

  10. I am exhausted just reading how busy you were. Hopefully you will rest when you get back home but then again "where is home". Just sayin . . .
    {I love Scarlet's name}

  11. I have a guess what your surprise ending is. We'll see.

  12. Yeah the laundry part of living in an RV isn't so fun, but it seems the two of you made the most of your time, and holding your special new grandbaby, and getting to do some fun things while you were there too! How awesome that your arrival home was greeted with fresh produce from your garden! Such joy :)

  13. Congratulations on the birth of your sixth grandchild! Wonderful! Scarlett is a beautiful baby. Trey is a cutie, too. You have a lovely blog. Love how you end your posts with scripture. Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. Hugs, Nancy


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