Thursday, September 15, 2016

Going Political...

Yup, stating MY OPINION!

This is our flag pole on a stormy day.

The up coming November election
 has been and will be,
stormy and discouraging for both sides.

I'm suggesting that, no matter what,
 get out and

I've read and heard others say,
 they aren't going to vote this
November and that is a shame.
Yes, shame on THEM !

It's not just about the Presidential election!!
There are thousands of important races going on.
Not just the White House,
U.S. Senate, Congressional districts 
and your very own state governments. 
counties, cities and villages.
There are issues, that need to be voted on.
They ALL need your vote and support.

Let's not forget about our troops,
who need your vote and support, too!
They live to protect YOU and your family.
They are counting on ALL of
us to do the right thing, by voting.


We need to elect people who 
 uphold and protect Biblical truths or 
at least those who 
wouldn't work against it.

Here are some resources for voters guidelines, 
to help us.

No matter how stormy it is,
or darker days will prevail.


"For the kingdom is the Lords, and He rules over the nations."
Psalm 22:28

"But Gidion said to them, "I will not rule over you, nor shall my son rule over you, the Lord shall rule over you."
Judges 8:23


  1. I tell my ladies every week in Bible study that God already knows who the winner of the Presidential election is, but we don't. So we have to get out there and vote. Thank you, Christine, for this great reminder.

  2. Dear Christine ... your words are so very true. God Bless our USA. Have a blessed evening my sweet friend.

  3. Christine,
    I love your advice to get out and vote. It is a difficult time for our country, but apathy doesn't make things any better. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Yes!!! saying or doing nothing is still doing/saying something. Let your voice be heard!!

  5. Agreed indeed! Thanks for the gentle and sweet reminder of making do with what we've got! Hugs to you today :)

  6. I agree!!
    If you do not vote you have no opinion that you can state if you are not going to vote, YOU loose your voice.
    Good Advice...


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