Monday, June 26, 2017

Seattle and Back

We traveled over to Seattle
 and stayed for a few weeks.

We didn't go alone.
Our daughter and son-in-law came,
along with the 5 grand kids!

It was a fun but a sad trip.
We have sold our little Cottage
and the properties next door, 
where we kept our trailer.

Inside our trailer
It was so convenient when we visited Seattle to
have our own little place to stay.
I called it The Penny Lane Condo,

The hardest part was saying good-bye to our
 Little Cottage.
We lived there for three years. 
It holds so many wonderful memories

Inside the Cottage

Lulu, one more time at...

The Little Free Library,
that we built.
It's still going strong!

Tom bought the Cottage
a few years after he moved into
 the "other" little house.
Both the "Business" house and our little Cottage,
side by side

Tom ran his business here for 22 years.
Then the building was rented out.

The back door.

This huge hedge and opening
 is between the two properties.

These adorable little homes were built in the 1930's.

The trip wasn't all "good-byes"

While we were visiting,
we went to our grandson's Pre-School graduation.

We also celebrated Todd's hard work.
He is renovating his basement,
one wheel barrow and one nail at a time,
with a lot of sweat.

The cement crew came to pour
a perfectly level floor,
that Todd has been working on.

Trey peeking in.

I added my 4 cents worth.

Each penny has the birth year of
Todd, Steph, Trey and Scarlett.
They carefully place them in sight
 but not in the way.

We also celebrated Father's Day, while in Seattle.

Tom got a hand, painted shirt...

and an apron, with a picture of ALL
the grandchildren,

Then headed home, with our trailer in tow.

God only knows
 what our next adventure will be.
We are looking forward to
what He has in store for us.


"Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

~James 1:17~


  1. Oh, I can just imagine how bittersweet that is to say goodbye to a place that holds so many precious memories. I can't believe how fast the kids grow up! Love that you got to celebrate Father's Day while you were there. Hugs and Blessings! Dee Dee

  2. Oh that was a bitter sweet post! Really everything does seem to change! Well at least we learn and grow in all we get to do! have a Happy 4th Of July dear friend!
    Hugs, Roxy

  3. Oh my, things do change. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

  4. So glad you had a great time with family Christine. I can imagine the bittersweet time this must have been for you. Bless your heart. It is hard saying goodbye to the people or the things that we have loved so much. God has so much in store for you precious friend. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be one to make the best of whatever journey lies ahead. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. That walk-thru hedge is super cool. I love it! The little free libraries are such a great idea. One chapter closes and another begins. I know whatever adventure you go on next it will be just what God wants for you, and it doesn't get any better than that! Hugs, Nancy

  6. A bittersweet trip for sure, saying goodbye to a place that is memory-heavy. What a beautiful little spot it was, and that hedge was amazing! I thought your idea of the four pennies was just so creative! We have always just written our kids names inconspiciously, but I like the idea of penny birthday years! I know whatever the Lord has in store for your next adventure, it will be wonderful and blessed. Hugs to you today :)

  7. Awww ... I was thinking of that little cottage not long ago and wondered if you'd sold it or were keeping it. I didn't know Tom had his business next door. How convenient and that hedge!

    Loved the pics and the apron with the pics on it. That is really special.

    Life is made up of all sorts of experiences, many of them bittersweet, as I'm sure this was for you. Wherever and whatever comes next, God has already been there and is making a way ahead of you. He's amazing like that. :)

  8. It always feels good to "lighten the load" but sometimes the journey there is hard. Looking forward . . .

  9. Oh this was truly a bittersweet trip indeed. May you cherish your sweet memories.


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