Thursday, June 8, 2017


This is an acre of dirt, soon to be an
acre of vines and watermelons.

I have a friend who asked for help 
planting  watermelon seeds, 
on this acre of dirt.

We each got several rows and 
a cup full of watermelon seeds.
We were to poke a one inch hole in the dirt with our finger.
Insert three seeds.
Cover  the seeds.
Count out four feet and
do it again.

Getting our instructions

These were my rows.
And these were my seeds.

Now I know
I'm not in Redmond anymore,
I'm in country!

Everyone had their own style of 
planting and pace.
There were mothers with young children.
Teenagers racing each other.
And then there was me...
I had so much fun being apart of this 
gathering and planting.

The watering process is called,
 flooding irrigation.

A long, large tube runs the width of the field
and then the "shoots" open up, every foot or so
and the water runs out.
The water then runs down the rows, 
until the field is
flooded or soaked.

Water running down the rows of  just
planted watermelon seeds.

Harvesting will be in 85 days.


  1. That is so interesting! I hope you get to keep some of the fruit of your labor.

  2. Oh, I know you will enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!
    Lulu's Dinner Theater was WONDERFUL!! You are so blessed, Christine!! hugs ~ tanna

  3. One acre promises a lot of watermelons. I hope you get to partake of the harvest. Looks like you had a nice day for the planting. xo

  4. Watermelons my Mom's favorite! Love hearing how these are planted with such a sense of community! Blessings- Dee dee

  5. I love watermelons. Looks like you all had such a fun day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Many hands do indeed make light work. What a wonderful way to come together. Have a beautiful week!

  7. You always have the most interesting adventures.

  8. Wow, that is a huge undertaking, how wonderful that so many people showed up to help out! I wonder how many watermelons an acre will grow? Amazing to see! Do keep us posted as to the progress of your rows, if you can :)


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